Arduino + MIDI Over Bluetooth To iOS, OSX

Developer Matthias Frick – who created the Bluetooth over MIDI app MIDI LE – wants to take the technology to the next level.

Here’s created sketches for the Arduino platform designed to connect USB MIDI devices to OS X and iOS wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Here’s what he has to say about the video demo, embedded above:

I’ll be soon publishing Arduino sketches + the needed items to connect USB Class compliant MIDI Devices to OS X / iOS via MIDI Over Bluetooth. For now it’s just a working prototype – the result of hacking and playing around with Arduino for 24 hours (since I’ve never used Arduino before, I had to face the learning curve first).

Doesn’t do bi-directional communications for now, so you can only control the remote device. Hope to get that in there in the future as well. It also has a few quirks here and there mainly because Apple hasn’t published the MIDI-BLE specifications yet and hides them from the user on iOS and OSX. So this might take a fair amount of time to reverse-engineer.

With the right casing, a battery-pack and a little keyboard this might be a nice item to take on the road for mobile music making.

Hardware used:

  • RedBearLab Blend Micro
  • SparkFun USB Host Shield
  • AKAI MPK Mini
  • iPad


The system is still under development, but Fricke says that he plans to submit the Arduino code to the open source community soon.

5 thoughts on “Arduino + MIDI Over Bluetooth To iOS, OSX

  1. This is essentially what Retronyms is crowd-funding but with rows of unnecessary LEDs and a history of not finishing their projects. Would love to see someone else jump in – best of luck!

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