Rob Papen RAW Sneak Previews

Synth designer Rob Papen has released a couple of video sneak previews of his upcoming RAW synthesizer. 

In the first video, Papen offers an in-depth overview and demo of RAW. In the second video, Papen gives a quick audio demo of using the mod wheel to control effects.

Rob Papen RAW will be available for Mac & Windows (VST/AU/AAX 32/64bit). Pricing and availability are to be announced.

5 thoughts on “Rob Papen RAW Sneak Previews

  1. Geez, this guy just keeps pumping them out.
    Papen’s recent synths remind me of the plight of aging rock stars, their best work is behind them (when they had something original to say) now they are just churning out what they ‘think’ the market wants.

  2. Looks like primarily a phase distortion synth like the old Casio keyboards, which is not a popularly used synthesis method so kudos for making something fairly unique. It has a very brutal digital distortion sound to it and will probably pop out of a mix. I imagine dubstep producers will enjoy it.

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