New Music From Vangelis Celebrates Philae’s Journey

The European Space Agency made history this week by landing the first spacecraft, the Philae Lander of the Rosetta mission, on the surface of a comet 4 billion miles away from Earth.

They also released three videos celebrating Philae’s Journey, scored by Vangelis.

The music of Vangelis has long been associated with space exploration, since his album Albedo 0.39 and the use of his music in the original Cosmos. The ESA commissioned Vangelis to compose three pieces for the Rosetta mission.

The embed above features the new Vangelis composition Arrival. Below, the videos feature Philae’s Journey and Rosetta’s Waltz.

“Mythology, science and space exploration are subjects that have fascinated me since my early childhood,” said Vangelis. “And they were always connected somehow with the music I write.”

The three tracks are closer in style to the symphonic electronica scores Vangelis created for Alexander and Mythodea than his earlier music.

Unfortunately, the new Vangelis music is truncated abruptly in the videos, and it’s not available independent of the videos at this time.

9 thoughts on “New Music From Vangelis Celebrates Philae’s Journey

    1. I think the 2015 is a reference to the results of the experiments that Rosetta will be conducting in late 2014 and 2015… It’s nothing to do with Vangelis.

  1. wow, this is great. Hey remember about 2 months ago, we were having a debate about what ever happened to the futuristic nature of synth music? I think it was another well established ‘synth master’ who asked the question. Well, here in Australia it’s ‘space month’ on one of our channels, and the programs on all the original missions are incredible. I don’t understand how man has gone into space, to the moon and all these incredibly hard, challenging things, yet there’s no cure for cancer etc. China and Russia are going to Mars, and this little guy has been landed on a meteor. If it was being done by the US, there would be Rockets, space ships, etc being sold everywhere for all the kids, and Americans would all be behind it, but now all they got is war, more and more war. Kennedy would be so ashamed of what has happened to his dream (although i didn’t know about this Juno mission, but the US gov. has pretty much shut down all space programs in favour of being the British Empire’s lapdog for war). So this is beautiful to see/hear. I can’t wait for the Mars project…

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