ludoWic vs How To Destroy Angels (The Space In Between)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live remix performance, by Thijs Lodewijk, of How To Destroy AngelsThe Space In Between.

The arrangement features MPC, modular synthesizer and a collection of analog gear. Details below. 


  • Moog Minimoog (connected by DotCom cv gate interface)
  • Akai MPC 2000XL
  • Korg MS10 (connected by Kenton MKll cv gate interface)
  • Korg MS10 (not connected)
  • studio 22 (connected by MPU-101 cv gate interface)
  • roland space echo RE-150 (2x)
  • Custom TL synth
  • Oberheim DX (connected by Doepfer MSY2 midi/clock interface)
  • Juno 60 (connected by Kenton PRO-DCB Mk3)
  • KNAS moisturizer
  • Touch Synthesizer handmade (


  • Directed and edited by Thijs Lodewijk
  • Lights by Joost Lodewijk
    Camera shots by Michael Schellekens and Joost Lodewijk
  • Location: oude kerk Dongen

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