Free Kung Fu Sound FX Sample Library

Loophole Samples & Loops has released Kung Fu Sound FX – a free sample library that 80 retro ‘Kung Fu’ film style sound effects.

The free sample library is embedded above and is also available via their site.

Contains 80 samples, including chops, hits, punches, slaps, whips, swords, knives, fight scenes & dialogue recorded & resampled through VHS. 24bit WAV files.

via bpb

7 thoughts on “Free Kung Fu Sound FX Sample Library

  1. I don’t know how much of this I’d use musically but this seems super awesome anyhow. Just for the fun of having this pallete.

  2. Punches can work as snare, kicks as, well… kick, swords as hi-hats. The possibilities are many. It’s a really nifty and compact sound library.

  3. What is the name of the song being played in this website? The kind of electronica, hip hop, song being played with kung fu themed sounds. Can anyone please supply me with the name of that song and let me know if it’s available for download on iTunes?

    I need it for a video I’m making…

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