Moldover + Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing = ‘Not Your Mirror’

Livid Instruments has released a new video demonstrating their Guitar Wing controller:

“Controllerism Godfather Molder performing “Not Your Mirror” using Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing. Moldover is using the Guitar Wing to control Native Instruments Guitar Rig and Ableton Live for real-time guitar effects, vocal effects, and tracking.”

The Guitar Wing is an expressive MIDI control surface designed for guitar and bass players. The device attaches to an electric guitar or bass and communicates wirelessly to the user’s computer or USB-MIDI host.

More information about the Guitar Wing is at the Livid Instruments website.


3 thoughts on “Moldover + Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing = ‘Not Your Mirror’

  1. Fantastic demo! The editor is already available so you can also map the Guitar Wing to external MIDI devices or to specific softsynth maps pretty straightforward. Remember Audiotecna has the unit available in Colombia, since we are the official dealers for Livid Instruments

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