Skrillex Fans Are Cat Lady Lawyers, Aphex Twin Fans Are IT Guys


A new web application was launched Monday, YouGov Profiles, that lets you find out the unique characteristics of fans of companies, brands and musicians.

At the site, you can search for a brand, person or thing and it will show you what differentiates fans of your search term, in the terms of demographics, lifestyle, entertainment choices and more. Search for ‘Skrillex’, for example, and you find that the quintessential Skrillex fan is an 18-24 female lawyer with a cat, as shown above. 

The results are based on data collected from 190,000 UK YouGov members, and seem pretty on target.

Aphex Twin fans are likely to be male IT workers, aged 25-39:


Brian Eno fans, on the other hand, are middle aged guys that love A Clockwork Orange, The Prisoner, Brazil and Twelve Monkeys and listen to Portishead, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream:


It’s a fascinating example of statistics in action – and potentially a huge time sink. If you check it out, let us know if you find out anything weird!

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13 thoughts on “Skrillex Fans Are Cat Lady Lawyers, Aphex Twin Fans Are IT Guys

  1. This seems like a bit of waste of time. I listen to a lot of electronic music (psy trance, techno etc) and I can’t find a single artist that I like, I guess people into that kind of thing didn’t enter it.
    Also people that read Issac Asimov are mostly over the age of 60 and listen to Iggy Pop??!

  2. As an iPhone user, I had to look it up.
    iPhone users describe themselves as “Confident, Organized, and Geeky” but are on occasion “Control-Freaky, Messy, and Proud”

    You don’t say… Guilty as charged.

  3. Only problem is this is limited to the UK (I live in the US, making all the shopping, politics, etc, utterly useless) and I’m assuming this thing gathers ‘data’ from social media.

    Cute n funny all the same, though.

  4. Although the results are funny, the sample size is too small and too geographically isolated to be considered representative of an actual average.

    From Masters of Sex:
    “We’re so far away from the bell curve,we can’t even hear it ringing”

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