Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Design Preview

Here’s an in-depth look at the new UI for Loopy: Masterpiece Edition, from developer Michael Tyson of A Tasty Pixel.

Tyson plans to take Loopy into new territory, making it a looper that’s useful for all stages of the music creation process. 

In the video above, Tyson offers a walkthrough of Loopy: Masterpiece Edition’s initial design sketches. And, based on the designs, it looks like Tyson is planning to develop Loopy into a new type of multitouch DAW.

Note that Tyson is in the design phase of developing the new Loopy: Masterpiece Edition, and is looking for feedback from Loopy users. He is blogging the development of the new edition on Tumblr, so you can follow it and leave feedback via his blog.

9 thoughts on “Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Design Preview

  1. This is looking very interesting and Michael Tyson has a good track record on delivering. (In addition to Loopy, he’s behind Audiobus).

    I’m interested to see if he implements MIDI sequencing. If he does, this is going to get really interesting.

  2. This looks great! He is creating something that is very modern. Easy to use, yet very deep in functionality, and authored directly for the target platform. This is how to move forward, instead of continuing to emulate decades old analog mixing boards and tape reels. Can’t wait to use this!

    The one other feature I would love to see on this is a “direct export” to desktop DAWs, like Korg is doing with Gadget to Ableton Live.

  3. Love this guy, he’s open to suggestion and not precious about what will be a looping game changer , again , much respect indeed seems a top bloke ,
    Go Micheal 🙂

  4. If he can get all of this to actually work (and I have no doubt he can), this is going to be one of the most useful and innovative aps to come out since people first started making music on the iPad. Might be a great tool for a laptop/desktop computer too except that there if there is or will be an equivalent of audiobus in either the mac or windows environments.

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