Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Sneak Preview – Import and Track Settings

Michael Tyson, the developer of Loopy and Audiobus, is working on a new ‘Masterpiece Edition’ of Loopy that promises to take it into DAW territory.

He is blogging the development of the new edition on Tumblr, and looking for input on his design plans from Loopy users. 

In this video, Tyson offers a preview of Import and Track Settings for Loopy: Masterpiece Edition. In his previous sneak preview, Tyson took a look at the new UI.

Note: These videos are design previews to allow for user feedback. Loopy: Masterpiece Edition is underdevelopment, with a planned release in 6-12 months.

4 thoughts on “Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Sneak Preview – Import and Track Settings

  1. I don’t understand how someone could think this was ready to buy, especially after he says 6-12 months out at least 4 times.

  2. He said Ableton… and yeah – I see the similarities!!

    This is GOOD – we need an iOS Live and if Ableton aint doing it, I am pretty darn happy about Michael doing it.

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