Line 6 Intros AmpliFi TT Effects Processor


Line 6 today introduced the new AmpliFi TT guitar tone processor, a new system that lets you use any speaker system as a guitar amp and Bluetooth streaming system. 


AMPLIFi TT models over 200 amps and effects. Users can choose from thousands of presets. Plus, AMPLIFi TT provides a streamlined way to record over USB to Mac, PC, or iOS (iOS recording via camera connection kit) with standalone operation and low-latency monitoring.

The AMPLIFi Remote app works with the entire AMPLIFi family, letting you dial up tones from an iOS or Android device. The app connects to an expanding cloud-based database of sounds, with over 100,000 user-created tones.

AmpliFi TT has a suggested retail price of US $349.99, but several sources have it available for preorder for around $200.

6 thoughts on “Line 6 Intros AmpliFi TT Effects Processor

  1. I’ve been auditioning the amplifi 75 and 150 at Guitar Center (home, one when on business trip). I have to say that the package is very good sounding, a good practice amp, and the app for control is extremely useable. Quite surprised. I was messing with it using my iphone, took 20 seconds to set up. I did some research on Amazon, lot of negative comments scared me, but I think those were mostly related to people upset with the vagaries of bluetooth A2DP streaming. That’s not really an issue for plain old practicing with built-in effects. Long and short, I think I will pick up the AC15 that I’ve always wanted for Christmas (which is way too loud for a bad player like me), but having heard the quality of the amplifi effects, will probably pick up this TT to use with it, or with my stereo monitors for playing quietly in the studio, in 2015. Good effects. This is like living in the 21st century or something.

    1. there are lots of Bluetooth speakers now as well as Bluetooth studio monitors and portable sound systems…and Line 6 has the AMPLIFi guitar amps w Bluetooth

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