3PI2 Synthesizer Offers An ‘Amazingly Sensual Experience’ – Oooh Baby

Bastl Instruments has introduced the 3PI2 Miami Beach Limited Edition – a new ‘mystery drone synth’ that they say offers an ‘amazing sensual experience’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

3PI2 is amazing sensual experience with rough mahogany knobs, the touch of 100 % natural wool&cotton felt case, golden patching nails and UV leds… and the color finish glows in the dark!

Here’s a demo of the Standuino 3PI2 with Bastl microGranny 2.1 and Trinity DRUM:


  • several oscillators, wavetables and synthesis types
  • settings accessed by randomizers
  • ‘high probability of getting cool bass sounds’
  • 14 bit PWM sound core
  • 4 presets
  • patchable clock sequencer with several patterns
  • internal clock or MIDI clock divider
  • MIDI input
  • UV leds
  • numbered limited edition
  • natural pure wool felt case

The 3PI2 Miami Limited Edition is available now from Noise.Kitchen for €200.00. More info is available at the Standuino site.

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