Kraftwerk – Das Model (Live Cover)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via starshipfive, captures a live performance of Kraftwerk’s Das Model (The Model)

Technical Details: Recorded from the mixer ‘Record Out’ at a live performance. Sequenced parts done on Cubase 5, than passed to Roland SP-404.

Hardware instruments used:

  • Roland SP-404 sampler
  • Korg T3 Master MIDI keyboard
  • Yamaha AN1x
  • Roland XP 60 fully expanded
  • Roland V-Synth XT
  • Roland JV-2080 fully expanded
  • Korg TR-Rack

5 thoughts on “Kraftwerk – Das Model (Live Cover)

  1. I can’t see clearly but I’ll say that there are no other than the power cord plugged into the T3. We all are to blame concerning playback but be careful next time, although, I insist to see something weird near the midi plugs next to the stand leg. Goog job anyway.

    1. The midi cable is connected to the midi out A, sir. The T3 has 4 midi outs. Look well. The Midi out on the T3 goes to the v-synth xt midi in receiving in channel 1, then midi thru, to te midi in on jv-2080 receiving in channel 2. I configured the T3 in Combi mode to define zones that correspond to midi channels. And as you can hear i did some mistakes in the performance.
      In this show i did more covers, search in my youtube channel, perhaps you can see better the midi cable or i can send you a photo if you send me your e-mail.

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