New iPad Drum Machine Inspired By Classic LinnDrum

Developer Elliott Garage has introduced EGLM1 – a software drum machine for iPad, inspired by the classic Roger Linn LinnDrum drum machine.


  • 16 programmable rhythm patterns with variable length
  • Save the pattern you’ve created and play songs
  • Automation of Drumkit parameters (pan, volume and mix)
  • Song Mode page (swipe to left to open it) with loop option
  • Swing and tap tempo
  • Core MIDI & clock MIDI (network session, external controller, inter app midi)
  • Audiobus
  • Interapp Instrument
  • Record and export your performance with iTunes, eMail or Audio Copy
  • Korg Wist sync

Official audio/video demos are to come.

EGLM1 is available for US $2.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used EGLM1, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “New iPad Drum Machine Inspired By Classic LinnDrum

  1. I wonder if this emulates the companding architecture of the DAC’s if the original hardware and lo-fi ‘gritty’ character ?

    The VST version: vLinn LM-1 did an excellent job of it !

  2. Very disappointing.
    Uses samples of the Linndrum, not the LM1.
    Sounds are not close enough to those on the Linndrum either.
    Has a few buggs: doesn’t always want to record.
    Erasing individual instruments doesn’t work.
    The two congas sound the same.
    Only one tom, so to record different pitches one has to use automation.
    In automation mode the app acts funny and everything defaults to unity, so all volume and panning settings are gone.

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