Loopy Masterpiece Sneak Preview: Track Layers

In this video, developer Michael Tyson of A Tasty Pixel continues his video previews of his upcoming Loopy: Masterpiece Edition.

In the latest design preview, Tyson looks at track layers and track editing; importing, exporting, comping, loop slicing and per-waveform muting and more. 

Tyson plans to take Loopy into new territory, making it a looper that’s useful for all stages of the music creation process. He’s using these videos as a tool for getting user feedback via his project site.

You can view Tyson’s full set of sneak previews for the new app below:

4 thoughts on “Loopy Masterpiece Sneak Preview: Track Layers

  1. This project is so ambitious, it would almost make you think “right, all these ideas in an iOS app? Not gonna happen”

    But then I remember he also created Audiobus and Loopy HD. That’s enough evidence to say, yep it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be very good, just a matter of when. Very exciting.

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