Korg Module Review

Korg recently introduced Module – a sound module app for iPad that offers ‘bread and butter’ keyboard sounds, including piano, electric piano and organ.

This video, via John Mike, is a review of Korg Module that takes a look at using it in live performance. Mike also demonstrates how to record Module into GarageBand on the iPad.  


  • 0:00-3:00: How to setup the app to use in performance
  • 3:00-9:44: Overall app interface and functionality
  • 9:45-13:00: Sound Demos
  • 13:00-14:32: How to use Korg Module to record into Garageband for IOS
  • 14:32-16:31: Who is this App for and Final Thoughts

Korg Module is available now at an introductory price of US $29.99 (normally $39.99) in the App Store.

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