Korg Kronos OS 3.0 Now Available

In conjunction with the release of the new Korg Kronos workstation, Korg is releasing KRONOS System Version 3.0, available for all existing and future KRONOS and KRONOS X owners.

In this video, Korg keyboard guru Rich Formidoni demonstrates the new OS, using the new KRONOS workstation. 


KRONOS System Version 3.0 provides nearly all of the features of the new KRONOS, except for the updated sounds and sample libraries. T

The new OS can be downloaded free of charge. The updated sounds and libraries, including the EXs17 Berlin D Piano, EXs18 Korg EXs Collections, and new Programs and Combinations, are expected to be made available for owners of previous KRONOS models in late January 2015 (price TBD).

10 thoughts on “Korg Kronos OS 3.0 Now Available

  1. I want to love notes in sequencer, can I move them with a finger/stylus? Perhaps even stretch or shorten them as well?

  2. Whopsie, excellent typo! I like my music, but don’t have intimate relationship with any of my notes, some times I just want to move some of them, and perhaps then they can move someone else.

    1. Sadly Korg has only the Krome with a decent sequencer (M3 update without sampler). Don’t buy any workstation. They are inferior to a computer, software and masterkeyboard combination and even more pricy, it’s no use to trouble yourself with them. The Kronos OS is 1995 tec.

    1. No lockups here or any other issues, just faster response and touch is more responsive and the fact you can adjust the fan in global settings makes allows the slight noise fan to become silent.

  3. So basically they did some cosmetics, which should have been there with 2.0, and updated the piano engine. I would call that 2.2 not 3.0. In the old days of programming a plus 1 increment in the leading number was for MAJOR improvements and brand new features and functionality. They just added some miniscule things the Krome allready had for years now and the sequencer has not gotten any better.

  4. I have done the update but when reboots it doesn’t show the nine synth engines like the one they show on youtube has anybody else have this problem? Or is that to come when you by the new Berlin grand?

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