Micky Dolenz Monkeys With The Moog Modular


This awesome vintage photo captures Micky Dolenz of The Monkees, looking super-cool playing the Moog modular (around June 1967).

The Monkees were early Moog users, featuring it on their more psychedelic tracks, like Daily Nightly (1967).

According to the Moog archives, The Monkees purchased the 20th Moog modular, serial number 1019. The majority of the early modular purchases were made my institutions, because of their cost.

via zeroto180

9 thoughts on “Micky Dolenz Monkeys With The Moog Modular

  1. The Monkees were on a plane with Frank Zappa. Like Chicago, they were a pick-up band whose success defies satisfactory explanation. They just sounded too good for their original intent. I’d like to know if Dolenz was just noodling around or if this was from a recording session and for what.

  2. Sure off camera is Nilsson with a spliff in one hand and a sifter of brandy in the other saying “Mickey, let me show you something John and Paul wrote while I was in London with them recently..

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