Chuck Przybyl’s Box of Sound

Director Chuck Przybyl’s Box Of Sound is a short documentary, embedded above, that explores the work of Chicago audio technician and circuit bender Antoine Kattar.

The film documents Kattar’s process of making a cigar box into a synthesizer. The cigar box synth is also put to use by Chicago electronic music producer Searchl1te,. Searchl1te is also shadowed as he gathers field recordings, breaking glass to create a snare and banging train cars for use as a bass drum.

After screening at multiple festivals in the US, London, and New Zealand – Box of Sound is now being made available online.

You can find out more about the documentary and artists it features at the film’s site.

3 thoughts on “Chuck Przybyl’s Box of Sound

  1. Wow. Goes to show, with all the flash synths out there, people can still be original when they get back downnn to basics. Antoine says, “The secret weapon is the photoreactive sensor. These things are cranking out what sounds to me as close to the sound of raw electricity as possible.”

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