Mates Of State And The 1971 Yamaha Electone

The latest installment of the Preservation Sound video series, A Single Tool Cuts A Clear Pathtakes a look at Mates of State – and at how an unplanned encounter with an unusual instrument can provide direction for a vibrant and idiosyncratic body of musical work.

Episode Summary:

Fans of modern music are likely to be familiar with duo Mates of State, who have released seven internationally-distributed albums over the past fourteen years. Mates’ first three releases were nearly solely arranged around a traditional drum kit, the duo’s two voices, and a single other instrument: the circa 1971 Yamaha Electone YC45 Combo Organ.

We first heard Mates of State in 2002 and were immediately impressed by the raw, massive sound that was conjured up through such a minimal setup. As the band explains in our program, their unusual sound was not the result of any strategic planning, but rather a willingness to embrace the tool that they happened to have available. Mates’ relationship with the YC45 is an indelible example of the strength that can be found in limitations. The video features exclusive new in-studio performances.

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8 thoughts on “Mates Of State And The 1971 Yamaha Electone

  1. Ooh! I’ve been looking for a VST (sampled or modeled) that could emulate the YC45 ever since I heard Mates Of State the first time. My dream organ sound. Anyone know of a plug-in that does this?

  2. Yeah I love these things, I finally got a YC25D but now I’ve seen the portage to strip I’m jealous all over again!

    The sound is gorgeous.

    1. I have a YC-25D too, but I find I never use it much in my music. I am looking to sell it. Just no takers so far. Maybe this video will help spur some interest.

  3. 150 pounds… yeah, sounds about right. I had a terrible-sounding old Yamaha e-piano that was built on some very dense wood, so it was as much fun to move as it was to hear. 😛 Aside from the CS-80, Yamaha gear always sounded far too thin, but they started getting it right with the SY synth series and better EPs. The current CP4 is one hell of a great stage piano. They make a good point, though. You just have to find that inner voice with some instruments. A few are so rotten, its a waste of time, but most have a spot of their own like the YC45, which is good for song support and has a Philip-Glass persona if you need it. 200 pounds in a case… mind your backs, lads.

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