Joseph Byrd’s Carol of the Bells

Joseph Byrd‘s electronic take on Carol of the Bells comes from his rare 1975 album, A Christmas Yet To Come.

A Christmas Yet To Come features traditional Christmas carols, arranged for synthesizer in a fairly restrained ‘switched on’ style. 

Here’s Byrd’s Deck The Halls:

A Christmas Yet To Come appears to be out of print, but Amazon has some copies on CD and vinyl.

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2 thoughts on “Joseph Byrd’s Carol of the Bells

  1. I have this old LP and its pretty impressive when he does some less-known English pieces. He used a duophonic ARP 2600 and IIRC, a MiniMoog, but in a way that gave them a little added character as monophonic sources. Its similar to a woodwind trio in action, even with the early cheese-patches of the time. I recommend it in the same vein as an early TONTO album: quirky & quacky, but also a worthwhile part of the lexicon. As with early dub, its interesting to see what people do the first time they lay hands to these toys.

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