nw2s io Module Integrates Your Modular Into Your Studio


nw2s’sĀ Scott Wilson let us know that he’s releasing a new Eurorack module, the io.

The ns2s:io module is designed to let you integrate a Eurorack synthesizer into your studio in a variety of ways.

Here’s what Wilson has to say about it:

For far too long, your modular has lived in its own world. Crazy signal levels, Unbalanced connections, Odd cables, Disconnected sleeves? Or is that ring? Or should it be grounded? The nw2s::io lets your modular integrate with your studio just as if it were another well-behaved piece of rack gear.

The nw2s::io is available in either an electronically balanced or a passively unbalanced version. Both provide 16 channels and signal indicators in only 10HP. The inputs are standard tip-sleeve 3.5mm modular connectors and the outputs are standard Tascam analog format DB-25 connectors.

For a limited time, if you pre-order the balanced version, you will receive the unbalanced version now and we will ship the upgrade kit when it becomes available.

Unbalanced kits will ship week-of December 15th. Assembled units on the following two weeks.


  • Record directly to your DAW at optimal levels
  • Record Rich Patches with a Minimum of Hardware
  • Integrate pro audio gear into your patches
  • Treat your modular as a hardware insert for your DAW
  • Interface CV with your DAW

The nw2s::io is available in several forms, DIY and assembled, starting at US $145. See the nw2s site for details.

8 thoughts on “nw2s io Module Integrates Your Modular Into Your Studio

  1. “For a limited time, if you pre-order the balanced version, you will receive the unbalanced version now and we will ship the upgrade kit when it becomes available.” – Sounds suspicious… Changing from balanced to unbalanced likely means replacing the entire module.

  2. Not the whole module, just one of the PCBs.

    By far the greatest cost of the unbalanced version is in the panel, jacks, LEDs, and the DB-25 assembly. All of this is retained with the upgrade.

    The reason I’m offering the option is that there was some question as to “do I _need_ the balanced version?” Not everyone will, and the price difference is significant, so this will allow folk to test the cheaper option at low risk. The delay with the balanced version is due to the fact that I have a delay with the SMT work and it’s a lot harder to prototype and get into production, but everything else was ready.



    1. Thanks for the explanation, and apologies if I cast doubt on any potential purchasers. It’s nice to know that all the hardware is ready for balanced whether you use the unbalanced version or not.

      1. No worries. Nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism! It is something that would have to be designed into the system. As it happens I’m adding the unbalanced driver PCB -after- everything else was ready due to some feedback I got.

  3. Scott, you are a genius. If only there could be some way to have this work with modular synth effects to go directly into a DAW, this would be great, and save me tons on what 500 series cost.

  4. Eurorack really started appealing to me when I was looking for something more interesting than the few rare wonky modules you can get in 500 format, and this is a direct result of that. I use one as a recording interface and a second as a hardware insert into my pro tools setup, so if that’s what you mean, yes, it’s perfectly doable and is really what it’s intended to be.

    If you’re looking for something that will integrate eurorack with clock and CV within your DAW, check out Silent Way – this can also be used as a convenient Silent Way interface.


  5. this seems very useful, but any chance for standalone operation? it’s a lot easier and cheaper to use longer 3.5mm cables. a box with the db25 connectors on the back would be great, i think.

    1. No immediate plans for that, but the balanced version will come with a few different empty power headers which, if you got a kit version, would allow you to tweak to run on 12VDC adapter, MOTM, or DotCom in addition to Euro. The DB25s are connected via ribbon cable, so if you dumped the panel, and made your own enclosure, then it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

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