M-Audio Intros Expansion Packs For Trigger Finger Pro

TriggerFingerPro_Florian_Meindl_TechHouseBerlinToday M-Audio introduced its Expansions Collection, a family of software designed to expand the capabilities of their Trigger Finger Pro pad controller.

This initial release features five software collections with sound and style contributions from four artists:

  • Rui Da Silva—Deep House Collection
  • Florian Meindl— Berlin Deep House and Tech-House, Sounds of Berlin
  • Radio Slave—Sounds of Techno
  • Thomas Schumacher—Berlin Techno

TriggerFingerPro_RadioSlave_TechnoEach custom kit comes ready to play, pre-assigned and mapped to the Trigger Finger Pro’s AIRDrums software. Users can add multi-FX, envelopes, pitch and layering to put their personal stamp on their music.

All of the loops in the expansion packs have been formatted into REX files, and the user can slow down or speed up to any tempo directly from the Trigger Finger Pro hardware, or from inside their DAW. Users can overlay one-shots, bass lines, and stabs in sync with their loops, all in real time.

Pricing and Availability. M-Audio’s four expansion packs for the Trigger Finger Pro are available for purchase directly from M-Audio. The packs are sold separately, and each individual Expansion pack is $29 USD.

For sound samples and additional technical information, check out the M-Audio website.

3 thoughts on “M-Audio Intros Expansion Packs For Trigger Finger Pro

  1. Umm, so “expand the capabilites of the pad controller” just means a bunch of presets for the pad controller!? A bit of a strange way to phrase it methinks.

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