Want Daft Punk LEGO Minifigures?


LEGO is running a poll at their IDEAS site to see if there’s enough interest to justify making Daft Punk minifigures.

The IDEAS site lets LEGO fans submit ideas for new products. If an idea gets 10,000 votes, the company will consider the idea for development as a new product.

Here’s the summary of the Daft Punk minifigure idea:

Daft Punk LEGO Minifigures

 I propose a Daft Punk set, that would introduce the Robots to Lego’s world as minifigures.

The set should include instruments (as pictured, maybe turntables, sequencers, mixers, controllers and a guitar for robot rocking), a simple stage with simple lighting and speakers. Having the Robot Helmets and some new printed tiles with instruments would open the door to all the custom options. Fan’s could build their Daft Punk set into larger creations, like one’s own Lego City, or some of the other things I mentioned above.

The Daft Punk minifigure idea has about 4,300 of the votes needed to move to the next step. If you like the idea of Daft Punk LEGO minifigures, let the company know!

21 thoughts on “Want Daft Punk LEGO Minifigures?

      1. Oh I wasn’t slagging it, just reflecting my personal take on the idea!

        I love a bit of silly fun; the kind of silly fun I like doesn’t involve little lego men though 😀

  1. I think it’s cool. Don’t be mean. I have one Smurf, and that is Elton Smurf with keyboard, big sunglasses and wearing a big ’80s trench coat. I also have one Barbie, the Hard Rock Cafe goth loli with the Gibson GS and the fishnet stockings. Ooo la la. If something is fun, just fun–you remember fun, right? What you have when you’re not working?–I like to have it around.

  2. If LEGO is smart, they would take these niche ideas – like the Daft Punk, Devo or Kraftwerk minifigs, and they’d figure out how to do limited runs of them with 3D printing.

    I’d love to have a Moroder minifiig or an Eno one – and would be fine with paying a premium – but there’s probably an audience of a couple of hundred people that would ‘get’ the idea of such a thing.

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