Abuser Powerhouse Samplerbank


Audiomodern Abuser is a hybrid analog virtual instrument for NI Kontakt. 

Abuser is based on 3.6 GB of true stereo samples, from analog gear ‘abused’ through the Sherman Filterbank, and recorded at 96Khz.

Here’s Audiomodern has to say about Abuser:

This stunning instrument is packed full of analogue modelled effects , powerful LFO’s and envelopes. It is able to create a huge range of sounds, from filthy basses with extremely low frequencies and leads to futuristic electronica, distorted leads , mellow saturated melodic Poly-Synths and everything in between.

We wanted to create something that put detailed raw sounds already at your fingertips, allowing deep and complex sounds to be built easily without fiddling, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important – the music!


  • 1.538 True stereo samples from analog gear abused through the Sherman filterbank recorded at 96Khz.
  • 3.6 Total Gb of sounds
  • Simple and easy to use GUI with powerful FX and tweaking options.
  • 35 Kontakt fully programmed unlocked .nki files – [ View List ]
  • ADSR , Filter, Modulation , switchable Poly – Mono – Legato with portament
  •  4 FX modules with switchable chorus, delay , analogue modelled saturation and reverb.

Abuser Audio Demo:

Abuser is available now at an introductory price of €29.00 (normally €39.00).

6 thoughts on “Abuser Powerhouse Samplerbank

  1. Did they use the Filterbank to record the sounds used for the demo?
    Sounds pretty clean and generic to me. Idk if I would call these sounds “abused.”

    1. The instrument contains slightly to heavily driven recordings. The Sherman filterbank features a dry/wet function and not just On & Off. With that you can add detailed & rich harmonics to the sound, and our first objective was to capture just that. The Abuser contains both Heavily driven basses as well as smooth and warm slightly distorted keys.

  2. Cool instrument, but you guys either have to use less copy in your videos or slow playblack down so the text is readable. The video moves way too quickly.

  3. I love my filterbank but it scares me a little. The slightest twitch on the knobs can destroy speakers if you dont know what you are doing. Definitely not a piece of gear for beginners. Seems like a good price for that much content. I applaud any person who can use such a daunting piece of gear and get ‘musical’ sounds out of it. 90% of my workings with it turn the sounds to filth. Not that its a bad thing but i prefer subtlety over balls to the wall dirtiness. Seems like (from the previews) you guys found a nice balance.

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