GSI Intros DMC-122 Dual MIDI Console ‘Dream Controller’


GSI has introduced the DMC-122 Dual-Manual MIDI Controller – a high end dual-manual MIDI controller with an organ-style interface.

It combines dual manual organ/keyboard control, MIDI mixing and control surface features, and offers an expansion slot that lets also run as a stand-alone keyboard. 

GSI DMC-122 Dual-Manual MIDI Controller


  • 20 Drawbars, 6 Potentiometers.
  • 1 Encoder, 22 buttons.
  • 1 multiple button.
  • Pitch bender and modulation wheel.
  • Two 61-key “waterfall” keybeds with Channel aftertouch.
  • 4 individual MIDI outputs.
  • 1 USB-MIDI connection.
  • 2 inputs for continuous pedals.
  • Assignable sustain pedal input.
  • Power for your USB device.
  • Expansion slot lets you upgrade to stand-alone keyboard

Here’s the official intro video:

The GSI DMC-122 Dual MIDI Console is priced at € 1.290. See the GSI site for details.

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18 thoughts on “GSI Intros DMC-122 Dual MIDI Console ‘Dream Controller’

  1. Finally. A controller for my mad Phantom of the Opera EDM moments. I wonder if my wife would mind if I installed a massive glass chandelier in the foyer?

  2. Some random girl playing a midi controller without some sort of sound module plugged in – very nice idea for a video, supposed to sell your product, bravo!

    1. When I saw the video I was on the same boat, the I saw “Expansion slot lets you upgrade to stand-alone keyboard” On the GSI site I read you can use it heir line of products on it, not bad for an add on. Without add on you get a VB3 which is cool too!

      1. You realize that she’s playing on a beach, which generally has no electrical outlets! Yeah, the video is just eye-candy.
        It looks like a nice keyboard though. It would be a decent controller for a B-3 patch. I’m a little concerned about the case design: why do they have those wooden risers right next to the ends of the keyboard? I can see myself wacking my knuckles on that all the time.

  3. Considering the alternatives are an actual Hammond or Yamaha organ, or a Clavia Nord C2 or a SCI Prophet 10 (all of which are now vintage and pricey,) this is a bargain (if the keybeds are decent and the drawbars precise.) I think StudioLogic may have made a dual manual keyboard (I know the NUMA is only single) at one time, but since they don’t have any web presence that I can find, even for their Sledge, I can’t confirm that vague memory. I’m just wondering if there would be any problem just stacking up two regular MIDI keyboards, running them into the computer through a multiple interface, and controlling two organ VSTs at the same time, or one VST that can take multiple inputs such as the Native Instruments B4? That would cost about the same as this keyboard, and pretty much everyone already has that kind of equipment. This is nice, though. If I were living off the interest of my savings account, this would be interesting.

    1. I do this all the time with the Vintage B3 Organ instrument in Logic X – it is multitimbral. Two MIDI keyboards set to channels 1 + 2, and if I had a pedal board that would be channel 3. I also have the faders and knobs on one keyboard mapped to the drawbars, and the sustain and expression pedals mapped to the rotary speed and distortion. So you can have the same functionality for a fraction of the price, but I suppose the GSI dual manuals might be popular with organists looking who might like an all-in-one solution.

  4. I do have to agree, for the sake of making this video look at least a little legitimate, they could have just run a couple of really long cables from off screen to make it look as if the thing is plugged into something beside the foot pedal. Unless it can run off of power transmitted from a Tesla coil. THAT WOULD BE A KEYBOARD OF THE GODS! BY THOR’S HAMMER WE SHALL ROCK THE MOUNTAINS!

  5. Haha, you can see where they drove in, then tried to rake out all the footprints before shooting.

    Glad that seagull didn’t do a “fly by shi*ing” on the keyboard…

    Not for me, but I hope someone can use it. I’m in for that wireless power though.

  6. Studio Logic / Fatar are definitely in businesses and they have a web presence,
    They don’t currently have a dual manual instrument or controller in production.
    Their newest model is the Numa Organ 2 – the reviews are quite good for its price and sound.

    This looks like a very nice controller indeed for someone who prefers waterfall keys and organ-like action. I’m not sure $1490 US is a bargain if you also need to purchase a Mac or PC to run VB3, but I do see what looks like an expansion slot, perhaps GSi is planning to host VB3 or other things within the Controller at some point. Shouldn’t be difficult for them, it’s already been done on the Crumar Mojo.

  7. Well, they did get my attention. Now let’s wait to see if they release a video where you can actually si it in action. I don’t mind if they include the girl again.

  8. You guys do realize you’re getting a MOJO for $1000.00 less, right? It comes with GSI VB3 II. No, it doesn’t come with the pretty wood end panels, but it’s basically a MOJO.

    My confusion is that it states it can be a stand-alone unit, but I see no audio outs. I can only assume the expansion option includes audio outs. No?


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