MPC Software v1.8 (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview, via AkaiProVideo, of the upcoming MPC Software v1.8.

Pete and Geoff from Akai Professional demo what’s in-store the soon-to-be-released MPC Software v1.8 update.

Features include:

  • Dramatically improved sample editing experience
  • Non-destruction chop
  • implemented in both the sample world and in pad parameters
  • Live sample chop
  • Ability to to record through VST and AU effects chains
  • Input insert effects
  • Built-in live looper
  • Pad perform mode
  • Vintage emulation
  • Comprehensive non-destructive chop
  • Other enhancements include non-destruction sample reverse and pad offset parameter

The release date for MPC Software v1.8 is to be announced.

15 thoughts on “MPC Software v1.8 (Sneak Preview)

  1. Coming from Ensoniq ASR, i never understood why Akai kept their complicated workflow
    in new products.
    This is year 2014. Automated workflows und user safe behaviour are most wanted.
    The tiny screen is also non-ergonomic to my eyes.
    Cut that or fail!

    1. you must not be looking at the same thing everyone else is looking at, or you haven’t found out yet that your maschine can’t do any of those things?

  2. Anyone expecting anything cool or interesting out of Akai in 2014 is kidding themselves and/or living in the past.

    That brand is garbage since the inMusic acquisition, as are all their other brands (Alesis, Numark, M-Audio, et. al.)

    Time to let go.

  3. …I have no idea where all the hate is coming from but ..Akai Ren is DOPE…sold my maschine for it after 20 minutes. The customer support is really dope too if you actually utilize their services.

  4. I like Akai and I have always liked their products, but you don’t need half of what they are offering to make good music. Maybe not even a quarter. I’m more interested in seeing them make big leaps forward, as the original MPC did when it came out. When the MPC60 dropped in ’88, no one had seen anything like it and it is still being copied today. Give us something that will blow our minds. Give us something new.

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