Loopy Masterpiece Class design

Developer Michael Tyson (Loopy, Audiobus), has released another video in his series, looking at the development of a ‘next-level’ looping app, Loopy Masterpiece.

Tyson takes a break from discussing planned features to discuss some of the technical details he has to consider in developing the app:

I’m trying something new this week: I’ve been designing Loopy’s code modules, and this week I’m talking about how I plan to implement the actions/sequence stuff we’ve been talking about in past weeks.

It’s gonna get a little technical – quite the learning curve for me, figuring out how to talk about software development!

You can see the previous videos in Tyson’s preview series below:

If you’ve got feedback for Tyson, let him know at his project blog.

One thought on “Loopy Masterpiece Class design

  1. Excellent, very clear and very well presented

    … and it’s about goddam time someone showed the world what kind of work actually goes into developing this kind of software!

    Bravo 🙂

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