Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer Music Video

This video, via KilpatrickAudio, demonstrates the new Phenol patchable analog synthesizer in action.

The video is the official music video for The Stereo Effect Project’s song Gate In.

Apart from the drums this song features sounds created with the new Phenol synthesizer from Kilpatrick Audio. No external effects were added.

The Phenol synthesizer is being made available for $769 CAD via a Kickstarter project. The project is fully funded.

5 thoughts on “Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer Music Video

  1. Man I wish I had that tascam mixer back my buddy gave me. It was a beautiful sounding desk. Damn music go round and economic necessities! Also, excellent song and nice synth sounds.

    1. What model was it? There is an M224 for sale nearby for $250, but I read that it is noisy. Something to do with a bad power supply that was used in them.

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