A Charlie Brown Synthmas

a-charlie-brown-synthmasBlockhead Synthmas, by the Blockhead Trio,

Here’s what they have to say about the album:

“This is a hypothetical (and anachronistic) “best-christmas-ever” where I get a brand new KORG 770 synthesizer, a brand new YAMAHA MR-10, and the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack on Vinyl.

And what’s more – I USE THEM! I revel in all the possibilities each thing offers.

I explore them to their full extent. I stay in my bedroom until epiphany, until my parents realize I haven’t gone back to school with the rest of the kids. I master half of the album before I have to go back to school, and I can’t wait for summer holiday to learn the rest of the album. I dedicate. I persevere. I toil. Because for the first time, I’ve really appreciated what I have been given. My friend got a MOOG, my other friend got Led Zeppelin, my other other friend got a REAL drum kit! But on this mysterious Christmas, I don’t cry. I am thankful and I honour the gift by using my gifts until they break. Then I fix them, and keep going. This is the true story of the making of this little EP and probably all good music.

So my message is to use what you’ve been given this holiday, however humble it may be, and not to want more for yourself. And watch yourself, that in the very act of appreciation, become more generous towards everyone else.”

You can listen to Blockhead Christmas below or at Bandcamp:

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