What’s Nord Introducing At The 2015 NAMM Show?

2015 NAMM Show: Nord released this brief teaser for upcoming Winter NAMM Show, saying only that “We are ready for NAMM Show 2015…”

So, we know that Nord will be introducing something at the 2015 NAMM Show and that there will be blinkenlights. The video doesn’t reveal much else.

Got ideas on what Nord might be introducing? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!teasertear

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48 thoughts on “What’s Nord Introducing At The 2015 NAMM Show?

    1. He’s right. It can sample. Looking at each frame of the video, at about 3 seconds the second like of the LCD clearly says “Sampling Page”.

  1. I believe they will present new Stage model.

    Few reasons: Stage 2 is becoming outdated. For example, it’s lacking memory and screen is ridiculously small.

    1. Yeah I was cursing as I realized it’s probably just another Stage keyboard. Looks like a real lack of knobs (from what I can see in the blurry shots)

  2. Nord wave 2 . OSC 1 is a VCO and OSC 2 is digital with sample load in. VST editor and LFO sync. Granular synthesis (ha). Ah forget it, yeah give us the modular G3

  3. Why do manufacturers do such silly videos… that’s utterly meaningless. I saw switches and lights… but little else. I echo my fellow ‘synthopians’ in saying that when Nord produce a Modular G3, then I’ll be interested. I’d still buy a G2 if I had the chance (I had a Micro-Modular but sold it some years back). Last year’s Nord Lead A1 was a bit of a let down in some ways, so let’s hope this year they do something more interesting.

  4. I hope they do an analog/hybrid modular G3 with cv/gate io support, or a Dave Smith pro2 meets Nord wave synth. Man a poly version thats samples, cv control with analog filters = best synth 🙂 Emu E3 cames close but modern day version would b sf cool.

  5. Doesn’t the display read “Symphony strings”? I hope it is a new nord wave with split, 4 parts and dedicated effects on each of them. But I think I can see drawbars too so I’m probably dissapointed. If it’s a 61 key Nord stage I could end up buying one.

  6. Why is nobody pointing out that there will be a proper display (maybe even an OLED?) on it? That alone is reason enough to be excited, given Nord’s history of two-and-a-half-digits-1987 style I-wouldn’t-even-call-it-a-display…

  7. It looks like it has physical drawbars, not many knobs and buttons (as many people noticed) and I think on the screen it says ‘strings’. So, the only logical conclusion is: Electro 5D

  8. wow! a proper LCD! just hope they didn’t cut the fx section because of it. Of course the LCD will boost the price and their products are already expensive.

  9. It would seem timely for Nord to get back on the modular wagon, but as their Modular was an all-software animal, it would take some added care to apply that in a hybrid form that featured enough CV jacks to feed the new hunger for Eurorack and the like. It feels like two different worlds, but as solid as their gear tends to be, imagine what a beast you’d get if they melded them well. Since it seemingly samples and has alleged drawbars, its more likely a combo stage piano with a dollop of updated Wave in it. That’d be fine, aside from the screeches from those for whom another Modular seems more like a holy grail all the time. Nord’s specialty is hands-on player’s ‘boards and not workstations anyway. I don’t have a Nord-shaped hole in my musical needs, but I have a friend who has toured with one of their early pianos for several years and its going strong. That’s a welcome fact, no matter what the new toy is.

  10. P.S. The Modular “failed” mainly because people want to lay their hands on the cords physically. If you want a software modular, there are already numerous cool options from small to large. It is/was a powerful synth, but if people really want MAX in a box, they’ll buy MAX. Its a specialized subset of modular synths, whereas most people are drawn to the act of RASSLIN’ a fistful of actual cords. That’s a lot of the point and the fun of it. Does zat sound like a fair take on it? I’ve had the pleasure of playing with an actual Moog III-P in good shape, as well as smaller goods like an ARP2600. Yeah, it was shweet, whaddaya think? 😀 I understand the pleasure of it, but as a Logic-centric piano hack in synth-sheep’s clothing, I like to hear what more modular-centric players think.

  11. It’s most likely a new Nord Stage. Sliders replacing buttons in the organ section.
    I wish for a Nord Stage with 5 octave synth action keys. would be perfect for me.
    Since the NS2 got a nord wave based synth section, I hope A nord wave 2 would show up as well at Namm, and that the new NS synth section will be based on it.

  12. I dream for a Modular G3 but looks like NordWave 2, Why? it is a keyboard and have a Sample function and knobs without LED rings…. It must be NORDWAVE 2.

  13. If the Nord R&D and marketing departments are on the ball, at all — it’s the new “Nord Kronos 3!” 😉 A perfected new, red “stage flagship” would be the only thing to keep THOUSANDS of us wait-n-see’ers from buying Korg’s latest release. (Hey, Nord — give the people what they want!!)

  14. Go to the speed controls on the video and run it at .25 speed. At 2 seconds in there is a “flash” and you can see the unit as a grainy B&W and it definitely is a KEYBOARD and not a desk unit. The control cluster is placed just like they are on the Lead series – to the left end. YAWN.

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