GrooveCloud Brings Collaborative Music Making To Android


GrooveCloud – a new Android app for collaborative music making – is now available in beta.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • song arranger with 8 patterns of length (1-2-4-8 measures)
  • pattern arranger
  • up to 8 DRUM samplers with ADSR envelope, LP and HP filter.
  • up to 8 INSTRUMENT samplers, with ADSR envelope, LP and HP filter, root note and musical mode.
  • per-note fine tuning of envelope and filters
  • mixer section with pan, delay and reverb sends.
  • export to WAV or OGG

Social Features:

  • song information is stored in Online Servers and is available almost instantly to all the song participants.
  • all the manipulations made by any of the participants are propagated in few seconds to all the other participants
  • users can export the song to the Community Services and post a link to the audio render on Social Networks.
  • users can review the latest edits.
  • users can invite friends to join the song by email.
  • songs can be either be public (editable and viewable by anyone) or private (editable and viewable only by the creator or invited users)

GrooveCloud is available in beta via the Google Play store.

3 thoughts on “GrooveCloud Brings Collaborative Music Making To Android

  1. Collaborating on a laggy, latency-ridden android with other people using laggy, latency-ridden androids sounds like absolute heaven.

  2. I love my iPad for music stuff, But Sequences Stuff runs on Android without Problems. And as you only exchange the Sequence there should be no problem with latency. I wouldn’t trust my Android to play live Synths, but sequenced stuff is no Problem imho.

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