Open Mic: What Electronic Music Gear Or Apps Do You Want To See Introduced In 2015?

2010-NAMM-Show-41The end of 2014 is nearly upon us.

It has been a fantastic year for electronic music gear, and 2015 promises to be even better. The 2015 NAMM Show promises to get the year off to a good start, with double the space for synths, compared to last year’s show.

As we head into the new year – what electronic music gear, software or apps would you like to see introduced in the new year? What gaps are there in your rig and what workflow problems would you like to see companies address?

176 thoughts on “Open Mic: What Electronic Music Gear Or Apps Do You Want To See Introduced In 2015?

  1. Waldorf Microwave XT re-issue or plug-in.

    I’d also love to see somebody make a device that lets eurorack modules work as standalone devices. While I love some of the stuff I see, I dont have enough interest (or money) to go into a whole setup just to get a module or two that im interested in.

    1. build or buy a small case with a minimal power supply, as all they need is power. good luck though, theres a reason noone has just one or two modules in a tiny case….

      1. tiptop audio offers the “happy ending kit” which is a small rackmountable case with powersupply…can be used on a tabletop or in a rack. I havent really gotten into building a modular system, but if I were going to get started with something small that would be my choice. 150$ seems reasonable to get started with about 80hp for modules.

  2. One thing I’d like to see is more companies making their gear more open. It’s cool that Korg has released schematics for some of their recent analog gear, but that’s unusual for them and just about unknown in the music industry as a whole.

    It seems like a missed opportunity, for example, that Akai didn’t do the same with the Rhythm Wolf. It could be a great platform for experimentation and tweaking. Supporting an individual out mod seems like it should be a no-brainer.

    And I would have liked to see Roland make the System-1 open to all companies to develop for. If you’re going to have a synth that runs virtual instruments, why not make it a platform that other companies could build for? Wouldn’t it be cool to see someone like Rob Papen do a System-1 VSTi & Plug-Out synth? Or to be able to run some of the awesome iPad synths on a piece of dedicated hardware?

    1. +1
      All open companies deserve credit. Companies like Mutable Instruments deserve double the credit for offering both open source and hardware (while being commercially successful).

    1. well said. i took a long break from working with external gear and when i came back and everything was USB, i suddenly realized what a nightmare it is to sync everything now. midi, while old and at times cumbersome, still has some edge on the digital stuff that could be overcome were they to simply sit down and develop an open standard. too bad it will never happen since everybody wants to promote their own closed-source implementations and the accompanying royalty fees (*cough* thunderbolt *cough*)

  3. I’d like to see more things like export feature in gadget. The files can be exported directly to ableton track by track and scene by scene, its sets you up for success, and leaves you more time for creativity.

  4. Personally, I’m excited to see if anyone releases some affordable polyphonic analog synthesizers. Also any new hardware sampler would be welcome.

    1. more hardware samplers indeed. recently purchased a refurbished mpc1000 with lots of customization + upgrades, sad theres not a current piece of kit that can shake a stick at even the stock 1000. octatrack is next on list, but the 3month wait is killer.

  5. A powerful groovebox-like sequencer. No internal sounds, just a new reliable midi sequencer with a lot of tracks, easy and deep editing modes, sysex support, USB connection for software editing. Faders, pots and buttons.
    Something like a better M-audio Trigger Finger Pro.

    1. Its hard to imagine what an “Alchemy 2” could contain feature-wise that isn’t already there. Its has a rather unassuming GUI, but the underlying power is downright humbling. I can cover a lot from there alone and it blends exceptionally well with others. An upgrade should occur to address fundamental issues more than I-wish-it-had-this lists. M-Tron Pro expanded the hell out of its predecessor, but it might not be worth the install hassle just to get a few more LFO shapes into a standing synth that’s doing just fine.

      The only new thing I’d like to see would be an iPad with a large enough work surface that it started feeling like a better option. I’m comfortable with Logic on a desktop, but a current iPad version would be a cramped nightmare. Some of the more surreal music apps for it are impressive, but until I have enough slinging room to work in a more traditional manner, its a wait-&-see thing for me.

  6. I’d like to see Apple get it’s act together and fix all the audio issues with IOS 8. If and when that happens, I’d like to see developers take advantage of those changes for a stable and robust musical creation platform in IOS again.
    I’d like to see an IOS version of Arp Odyssey and 2600 for IOS

    1. there are many, they just huge and quite pricey (check analog solutions’s). if ur referring to a midi standalone sequencer, now thats a gap that needs filling.

  7. I’d like to see a polyphonic analog synth from Moog. Preferably a poly using a Sub 37 board for each voice. A reissue of the MemoryMoog would be amazing but no Curtis chips available so…
    Hoping Behringer “re-issues” the Jupiter 8 since Roland can’t bring themselves to actually make an analog product and recognize the market.

  8. Novation SL III with polyphonic aftertouch. (and bringing back the 2nd LCD) Or any full sized 5 octave poly aftertouch keyboard. I know that not everyone wants poly aftertouch, but surely there are enough of us who do to justify it?

    Reliable and less expensive midi-cv converters would be nice. And for Apple to allow an iPad to interface with a Mac with the cable instead of wireless.

  9. Korg Gadged and Korg Electribe need to work hand in hand, connected via cable. maybe as a Electribe controll gadged in app. That would be super awesome! With great export to Ableton this would be a monster Setup for me personally.

  10. Similar to what Matt mentioned above, I’d like to see:

    Reasonably priced Hybrid polyphonic synths (Access Virus Hybrid, maybe?)
    New knobby FM synth from Yamaha
    Hardware sampler with analog filters
    Nord Drum Machine

  11. I’d really like to see a really great sounding virtual analog synth with total 1:1 parameter to control ratio, no cheating. Zero menus, screens, shift-fuctions, buttons, or anything that looks digital. Just a bunch of knobs, switches and sliders plus a quality 4-octave keybed. Poly or mono mode, classic architecture, effects. Wood and metal. VU meter.

    No patch memory. No USB port. Basic note-only MIDI. 100% what you see is what you get performance instrument with uncompromising sound. Knob position is the value. It would look, behave, and feel like an analog synth – but have a very nice stable DSP engine. $700.

    (No, the Studiologic Sledge and Roland Gaia don’t count.)

      1. It would have DSP but no patch memory? That just seems like such a missed opportunity to make the instrument so much more usable. I don’t see a sonic advantage and the relative cost would be pretty low. It could always just have a manual button on it as most of these types of synths do.

  12. Proper NI apps for iOS – reaktor, massive, absynth, kontakt (I can dream)

    Auria midi update (come on, it’s been a couple of years)

    Nanostudio 2

    Logic for iPad (even an “express”) version

    All these are more than possible with the new hardware (iPad 4 upwards)

  13. Some kind of programmable analog poly module with simple effects & cv control would be nice. I hope there’s something on the horizon from Nord or possibly Arturia or from Korg, although Korg have their hands full with the Electribe & the Odyssey so can’t exspect much there. Arturia could do a prog, poly microbrute minus the kybd & with decent osc section, i’d like that 🙂

  14. Someone needs to make an updated Alesis MMT-8. Without the “Bummer Dude out of Memory” message. I miss the hardware sequencer and would like to not have my head buried in a laptop screen all the time.

    Also, now that Numark & Akai are under the same corporate roof, it’d be nice for them to resurrect the idea of Roland’s old DJ-70 scratching sampler idea, and actually make it useful.

    Yes I know I’m a grumpy nostalgic bastard.

  15. A new Atari that enables midi only sequencing, just like the old days.
    Piano roll, grid edit,cut and paste, copy etc.
    If any company catered for those of us into hardware only, I think it would sell.After all hardware is more and more popular.
    Midi sequencing was more stable twenty years ago.

    1. I’d love to know where this myth had come from that Ataris had rock solid timing and were stable. They were an absolute nightmare. On Cubase, you had to put hats on the 1st couple of tracks because the timing drifted so badly as you went down the page. Syncing to tape even with the Steinberg hardware was flaky and drifted. Plus, they crashed a lot. There was a lot of saving (laboriously, to floppy disk) in case you lost loads of work.

      Give me a 21st century Mac (hell, I’ll even take a PC) over an Atari any day.

      1. I think I remember that being an issue with Cubase in the Mac, as well. I’m not disagreeing that todays tools are better, but I don’t recall that being the issue with DR Ts on the Atari.

        1. Yep. It was. I used to run Cubase 1.8 on a mac classic (1mb of ram and 40mb hard drive) and the timing sucked. Not as bad as an Atari, but nothing like today. Protools,logic and Cubase now trigger midi to sample-level accuracy.

          Never used Dr T but heard it was good. Also notator (precursor to logic) was okay, but still not even close to today’s standards.

    2. It is not a myth, I bought Ataris from new and they where rock solid. Yes floppy drive etc was slwo but it was the technology of the time. I still use cubase all these years on, but I have more down time now then I had before . Cubase now is cumbersome. It is behaving erratically for me, I am having my windows 8 latop , stripped down of all other software to get it not to have issues . I keep it off line etc
      I spend hours trying to work problems out and I am forced to laod on so much bloatware with ableton cubase etc

  16. I would like to see more hardware synthesizers that are rack mounts and software with scalable interfaces. I would also like to see something like an updated Akai Z series sampler and some new digital synths in the style of the Roland V-Synth.

  17. I would like an app where I can swipe it and the whole damn world leaves me alone for a few hours so I can get some fucking music done.

  18. Electron release over bridge, and give full midi out on the black boxes, and some unknown releases something I haven’t thought about that blows my mind no re releases

  19. I want to see behringer do some fun things with that analog synth line – maybe a repro of the realistic synth for cheap, dx-7, juno, etc. but especially – I want a chap v of a mono poly

  20. what I want/need? a compact/mobile all in one synth as Kronos module/desktop/tablet or alternatively PolyMachine from Elektron or perhaps Supernova reincarnation… doubt that anything of this gonna happen… so it is time to update my PC peacefully

      1. just 4 voices … for realtime multitimbral polyphonic layering? this is completely different kind of animal from what I’m looking for – completely different workflow from mine.

  21. I’d like Roland to give there FA 06/ 08 synths a decent PC/Mac software editor. Korg to put a bloody good audio interface into there Krome range and I’d like Yamaha to put the MOXF range of Synth into a smaller case that doesn’t look like it was designed by a blind man and get rid of that stupid Korg Triton LE display on the front of it, Jesus it’s 2015 and a £50 mobile phone has a better user interface.
    While we are at it ,I’d like Steinberg to put some descent acoustic sounding instruments with Cubase and not have it sounding like a 90’s workstation and instead of having comments like “derived from the MOTIF range sounds” what about , “Sounds that absolutely wipes the floor with the MOTIF range”. As for Native Instrument , what about something in between Komplete Elements and Komplete , I mean £50 or £400 is a bit of a jump , one being just a collection of freeware and the other is packaged lots with soft synths no one will ever get time to learn how to use.

  22. A Multi-Effects Stompbox Pedal with Stereo Inputs. There’s lots of guitarist pedals out there, which take only Mono Input. On behalf of all the keyboardists and drummers, we’d like Stereo Inputs.

  23. LinnDrum II
    Ableton iOS
    17 in retina MacBook Pro
    21.5 in retina iMac
    iPad Plus
    FL Studio Mac
    New Elektron
    New Teenage Engineering
    New Audio interfaces (simultaneous PC/Mac/iOS recording/processing, 4+ 1/4″ outputs, S/PDIF)

    Would love to see a new Roland SP that is basically an updated SP-606 (same size or smaller), Korg Microsampler (61+ keys and more dedicated knobs, please),

    I’m on the waitlist for an Electribe sampler, might pick up a Volca sample…

  24. It´s time for a new Yamaha synthesizer-workstation like EX-5 and SY-99 once where..
    AFM engine with added filters, AN1X expanded synthesis, VL and giga AWM2 rompler+ sampler section. Add a 32 tracks sequencer with integrated audio recording. SDHC storage and SSD.
    CS type modeling + SPX type EFX and this beast will eat Korg Kronos in a hurry..

  25. What I want for this next year, is more real synth, sampler, sequencer… analog, hybrid or digital, but real instrument, with button, slider, keyboard… not more apps synths toys for ipad.
    I would like to see affordable analog polysynth by Korg, Elektron, Arturia…. Modular system by studio electronics (I think that should happen for 2015). And Yamaha FM synth with good interface (not just 2 button, and a lot of menu, something like the fanart project DX10).

  26. I would love to see a Moog analog drum machine. CV/Gate control at 1/V per octave, individual outs, intuitive sequencer, 1 knob per function preferred.

  27. I would like to see further developments and compatibility in athenuslabs’ eight channel echo effect, Ekolate. I would also like to see desktop-like apps developed for iPad–Logic Pro X, for instance, not the free Garageband. I would also like to see an Ableton Live 10 that involves more Ableton made Max For Live devices like Operator or Analog so that the sonic capability within Ableton is expanded from its monstrous size to even more. I would also like to see a Maschine 3.0 that is much more comparable to the likes of Ableton or Logic. Taking a step away from the computer, I would like to see a MIDI controller for Logic Pro X that is not discontinued after just a few months. I would also like to see a Polybrute by Arturia, a really strong monophonic synth that does not have 303 in its name by Roland, a really “shiningly awesome” ARP by Korg, and a completely new polyphonic synth that does not have either Pro, Prophet, Tetra, or Mopho in its name by Dave Smith. Lastly, I would like to see that Arturia’s audio-interface is between 100-300 dollars so that Jeff or Jimmy, or whatever the guy’s name is in the Arturia keynote, does not go broke just buying the actual thing. Thanks for reading!

  28. How about a simple interface that lets you plug any USB controller into a USB compatible synth, so you can modulate it with anything, such as a mouse, a joystick, a web camera or something really esoteric like an OCZ nia brainwave controller? It wouldn’t be a completely functional controller without drivers, but something that translates the signals from the controller into more-or-less usable MIDI modulation data for the synth. It might not make complete sense but it might provide some interesting and weird noise making opportunities. For instance, plug a mouse directly into a Bass Station II for X/Y control and a couple of extra buttons, and maybe even use the scroll wheel to change patches. If you could put it all on a couple of chips it would fit into something an inch long like a gender changer that you could carry in your pocket.

    1. Check the UAD site. It has been around for years and it is amazing.

      I even patch hardware through it in Ableton as well. As it is stereo and more easy than patching through my Phatty..

      1. thanks for the tip. My bandmate used that exact setup with Ableton and UAD and it does work well from what I could tell. But I am using standalone softsynths (Arturia) and Ipad apps that I run through two MF101s. It really works well but its a bit cumbersome and tweaking the filters is tough (two hands required). Really think there needs to be more stereo pedals for this type of application… just my opinion of course.

  29. A reasonably priced analog poly. It’s been unequivocally proven that good analog mono synths can be made for $200-$500, so why not take 6 of those voices, throw them into a single box and profit? I desktop unit (Who needs more keys?) with 4-6 voices and a relatively simple one knob-ish per function interface, priced around $600 would sell like crazy.

    1. If you can live with the mini keys, the tried & true MicroKorg is still a good bargain (just $399!) If is a slick little analog modeling poly synth.

    2. MFB planned to produce not only their current Dominion 1 but also a Dominion 5. And Vermona seems to plan a new synth with keys and I think dual voice.

  30. please baby jesus please.. all i want is some damn faders.. DAW control surface , 8 faders expandable to 32.. u know like a refresh of the avid artist / Qcon pro / x touch.. just need some fader love. no reach ups, no audio in & out, no extra screens above, no weird gimmicks, just faders, a couple of pots & a master fader with a dim on it 🙂 please.

    1. Yes! And I would add, 100 mm high quality faders please. 60mm faders are garbage. The Mackie control is gigantic, and the Avid artist series wastes too much space. The JL Cooper options are nice if you can spend 2000 bones on 8 faders. The form factor of the SPL NEOS, but just a midi controller? I’d shell out $1000 in about a minute.

  31. Something like this may already exist, but I’m thinking of a MIDI controller thingy like the ones with lots of knobs and sliders but no keyboard. However, this one has nothing but a flat surface on top, where you insert various detachable, plastic faceplates (sold separately).

    The idea is that each of the faceplates would have its own set of knobs/sliders/buttons, and would be modeled after a specific soft synth, so each one would have its own distinct layout. These would basically be little plastic pieces that act as ‘markers’ that are read by the underlying controller underneath when you move/press them. Since the faceplates wouldn’t have any electronics of their own, they shouldn’t cost a lot to produce. I guess you could say it’s a hardware version of those iPad apps that act as MIDI control surfaces. I’ve tried some of these, and don’t really like them.

    With this controller, if you spend a lot of time tweaking a specific synth, you just buy a faceplate for it, instead of having to screw about with the keyboard and mouse, or use a controller who’s knobs/sliders don’t really model the layout of the softsynth.

    1. Novation make this already… their remote SL series has no keys and Automap to automatically (kind of) map all knobs and faders to whatever plugin you are using.

  32. Would love to see Roland make an Aira sequencer, 8 parts minimum, midi in out and thru, 32 bars minimum and finished like the rest of the Aira range….

  33. I would like to see a new Access Virus TI. Maybe include a built in step sequencer like the pro 2 has. Maybe use ARM processors. Maybe use USB 3.0.

    Also, an Elektron dedicated FX box and mixer with multiple midi outs sending jitter free clock to other devices. Built in sequencer for automating mix and effect parameters. Multiple sidechain capability. A hub for hardware production.

    A patch cord free modular standard that allows naming and recall of all patch parameters.

    A new Korg z1. A korg mono-poly reissue. A korg kaoss pad with better s/n specs and sidechain input.

    More modular manufacturers selling complete systems.

    More advancements in VA synthesis.

    More options for midi clocks and external sync boxes. Not many options out there..

    1. ‘modular manufacturers selling complete systems.’

      Well, if they are planning to make modules like those by Waldorf they have my blessing. With of course sufficient interfaces.

  34. i would like some heavy pushing on vintage sounding fx, binson , ams , carlsbro mantis and so on …. and well i would love roland doing something analog.

  35. Ah, my wish list? How about somebody make a deal with Apple to build an affordable, Receptor-like plug-in/stage controller computer using the fading Mac Mini as the base? Ruggedized case, rack mounted, with expanded I/O (e.g. MIDI in-out-thru, DIN-style). Sell this for less that $1,000 and it might find a nice niche market with pro musicians.

  36. Zero latency in DAWs, especially with hardware integration!

    Hardware synths at the price of iOS synths

    The moon on a stick 😀

    More seriously, 2014 was the year of affordable hardware; Volcas, Werkstatt, Mute Synth, Little Bits, etc… that also strongly encouraged exploration of the electronics and the inner workings of these little machines. This is amazing and truly inspiring and what I would like to see more of most of all in 2015!

    Also, no snide bitchin’ and crazed downvoters; here’s to a stronger community spirit and to helping each other on our journey, no matter where we are on this wondrous path, beginner or veteran, we can all always learn more – cheers everyone – have a good one!! 🙂

  37. Would like to see an affordable controller with 88 wooden keys with hammer action, split and layer functionality, wheels and maybe even aftertouch, with both MIDI and CV interfaces. And I would like that controller to be ca. €600,- and portable.

  38. Sampler type sequencer with individual inputs/channels and a volume fader on each channel. Each channel has individual output. The same thing I’ve requested for about ten years. Even sent my idea and a crude drawing of it to electro harmonix because their 2880 looper is on the right path. But I’d be better off with an electrical engineering degree and a soldering iron.

  39. A full DAW/MIDI sequencer for the iPad/tablet that can actually import and export stems, MIDI files, and complete project files to and from Logic, Live, FL Studio, etc.

    To that end, I would love to see the full Reason brought to iPad/Android tablet.

    Full modular systems and modules from Moog (I’ve been told by someone who claims to be in the know, it is coming).

    I LOVE the idea of a fully saveable, recallable, patch-cordless modular standard. It would probably have to involve digital control signals digital control of the analog audio signal routing.

    A v3.0 of Arturia Modular V that lets you install your choice of modules in an expandable case/rack.

    An analogue or hybrid polyphonic synth with six or more oscillators per voice and a boat-load of filters, envelopes, LFOs and other waveform shapers and the signal routing to rout anything to anything. A DSI P12 on steroids.

  40. Native 64bit OSX FL Studio would be the biggest software news, and it looks like they might pull it off. Just hope they don’t pull a Bitwig and not support AU…why go through all the trouble to port to OSX, but not support the native plugins? Can’t see anything else topping that news unless…the “iPad Pro / New Macbook Air” comes with a point release to Logic Pro X that includes some big advances.

    Oh…Apple Watch music apps? I don’t know about that one…

  41. [1] Nord electro or piano rack edition but then 4 voices multi-timbral which can mix piano and sample library instruments, with more memory.
    [2] Access Virus C or TI(2) with USB 2 or 3, but at a lower price point. A 1 or 2 U version would be nice
    [3] Roland Integra 7, 2 U version with more slots (Integra 8)
    [4] Nord modular G3 with open source based software.
    [5] Ability to create and load custom samples or a free set of CR68/78 samples for the Roland TR-8

    Less keys,more sounds…

    1. I owned the original virus rack… it was really cumbersome to program and for some reason, had much lower polyphony than the tabletop versions. The virus already has a bunch of menu diving going on… prob no a good idea to get rid of the controls it has.

      A new TI would be AMAZING tho.

  42. Nord Modular G3 Rack with built in hardware sequencer, with loads of controls for your patches and an audio I/O for running external hardware through it.

    And the ARP Odyssey off course 🙂

  43. New synth interface, based on usual b/w keyboard, but with ability fine intonation of voices. Like Hakken continuum, but without the use of dedicated editor, etc. 1600 – harpsi, 1800 – piano, 1900 – celeste, 1960 – rhodes, 1980 – polysynth. Solo synths dont need to have keboard interface. Akai EWI is a good example of expressive synth with quite deep architecture (but PC editor is SO 90ies!). This keyboard need to be as TACTILE as possible!

  44. An 88 key midi controller that doesn’t cost a fortune and has transport controls, pitch and mod wheel, and a volume knob. All those other midi controls are just a PITA for me… never end up using them. Instead, a large flat area to put a few desktop synths and a laptop would be perfect.

  45. I think there are too many DCO & VA synths on the market, and VCO polysynth market is highly underappreciated. A proper VCO poly in the league of OB-X and Jupiter 8 would be great. To be more affordable, it can feature only 4 (or maybe even less?) voice cards out of the box, with additional voices as modules that can be bought separately.

  46. emulations of jupiter 8 and yamaha cs 80 for the ipad. if from arturia, please make sure everything works and midi is implemented to a usable extent.

  47. I sense it will be pretty good year for synth

    -Roland Fantom-V
    a workstation with next gen V-Synth, SuperNatural as well as Plug Outs. That would be such a middle finger to the Korgs failed Oasys ambitions and stagnated Kronos development.

    -MFB Dominion 5
    wont happen @ this Namm, but I still dream about it every night.

    Blofeld 2 or Strömberg, I have wanted a Blofeld for years, but I decided to wait until their next one
    Poly Pulse with a sequencer

    Analog Supernova or something like that. I would go to bed with a hybrid from Novation with couple of analog BS2 -voices on top of next gen of Nova synthesis and effects/part.

    -Casio XW-P2
    Multi timbral implementation of their Analog modelling and Hex Layer, as well as the improvements in the rompler engine and effects they made for the PX-5s. If they just wouldn’t artificially split the synth into two products, by slicing the sampler in one, and hex layers in other, that sequencer would make me buy it @ 1000€, even 1500€.

    -Access and Yamaha
    I’m sure they have not been resting in their market leading laurels. Motif updates might not have required that lots of development time and it has been awhile since Access made anything. It will be interesting to see what ever they will release, when ever that will happen.

    1. Nice in theory, but if there isn’t enough of a market to justify production costs for such an item, it won’t be produced. It’s a nice fantasy, but I’d prefer that Moog didn’t go out of business by gambling on fantasies.

  48. I want a modern omnichord, with real synthesis. I don’t care if it’s digital, just as long as it’s responsive and sounds good. Built in effects like envelope follower, chorus. A gate sequencer, or saw tooth lfo assignable to amp or filter that syncs to midi. Add a photon transducer for good measure and moisten panties for days.

  49. A non-obsolescence module that keeps whatever its plugged into VIABLE for at least 5 years. I know, ha ha, get real and all. To be fair, my hardware has generally held up better than expected and my older Macs are still running when I upgrade. My weak joke would mostly apply to iPads because they still have as much of a ‘thrill factor’ as more solid utility, but hey, they’re coming along respectably. You don’t do e-music unless you accept the user bumps along the way.

    Dan’s mention of the E-Mu Z-plane filter array gets my thumbs-up. Like the killer Yamaha FS1r, the Morpheus was too much, too soon, but holy bleep… I played one with an expression pedal plugged in and between than & the pitch/mod wheel on my keyboard controller, it became ultra-scary in a superior real-time manner. A beautiful instrument that became an also-ran through zero fault of the design. I still use and love E-Mu gear & samples for their high clarity. Good digitals are the best layering-friends beefy analog sounds evah had. 😀

    I’d also like to see a Roland VR-09 Mark II with just a few tweaks, as exhaustively debated everywhere its mentioned. Its my idea of (arguably) the best Swiss-knife keyboard to appear in years. The cherry is that it all but has a Gaia built into it on top of the great pianorgan and effects capabilities. It only allows for one split, but all in all, its a near-ideal central controller-with-sounds, even in-studio. Plug that into any DAW and feel the power.

    Also, a power solution to the high drain of decent speakers. Gimme some of those yet-to-appear graphene-based batteries that can run for 5 or 6 hours on a charge and still emit about 30w of oomph. Portable keyboards will be fully liberated for guitar sessions in the woods then!

    Also a module that can make 4 Hostess orange cupcakes every 10 minutes.

  50. more small fun stuff like the monotrons and volcas

    – – a monotron using noise generator or ring modulator or other basic effects for purely fx sounds could be really fun

  51. I’d also like:

    more battery-powered stuff with advanced features to use in the car during my lunch break.

    more hacking. 3rd party mods, larger screen for my Analog keys, more kickstarters for new and inventive synths.

    A new Roland VJ controller and the Numark ns7MPC see the light of day.

    A new roland MV8800 successor.

    A new KORG VA that has moves away from the king korg and includes tons of knobs and the Z1/radias stuff.

    A new hardware multi-track audio recorder like vs2480 series but with modern enhancements and a VGA/monitor output. Those were awesome for all hardware setups and live sound.

  52. I have always been very curious about Buchla synths. Since I could never possibly be ever to afford one, it would be nice for someone to produce a very effective app for the iPad. I know it could never possibly replace having the real thing.

  53. A synth with aliasing free ultra high resolution digital Oscillators, then through analog filters and analog VCAs. Something like the Modulus.002 but affordable. Also preferably with proper wavetable and wave interpolation support, something the Modulus doesn’t even have currently.

    There is simply not anything on the market that offers this. Ever current digital/analog hybrid aliases like crazy, except for the Modulus and you pay for it.

  54. Active Cables.

    Patch cords with built-in pot at the output end, and a cable input connector at the other end.
    This way you could make more complex patches with your existing hardware.

    Step 2: Bluetooth control of the output pots.
    This way you could control analog patches from the computer.

  55. In no particular order:
    ~ Perhaps a Virus TI3
    ~ Can Spectrasonics / Eric Persing outdo themselves, with an update to Omnisphere and Stylus RMX?
    ~ A true-blue bonafide dedicated midi hardware sampler, specifically made for keyboard players, with filters, ADSR, crossfade looping, etc. If only Akai (in this incarnation of Akai) would reissue the S1000, S5000, S6000, but with modern memory and fast modern storage mediums, in a smaller footprint. I said for keyboard players, enough of the DJ sample phrase playback MPC stuff.
    ~ Tell Rob Papen to rekindle the relationship with Linplug and give us Albino 4
    ~ Some 3rd party patch development for the Radikal Accelerator
    ~ Pester Waldorf & StudioLogic to release the OS v2.0 for the Sledge already
    ~ Roland needs to model the TR-606 and JX3P/Juno-106 for the Aira line
    ~ Tell M-Audio/Akai/Alesis to redo their 88-key controller and add in aftertouch
    ~ Moog needs a true polyphonic synth on the scene, pronto
    ~ Yamaha and Roland both need to make a serious foray into the VSTi realm, e.g. Yamaha CS1x/CS6x is a rompler, it can’t be to hard to port over like Korg did with the M1. Roland could focus more on reproducing their last DCO analogs, e.g. JX-8P and JX-10, in either software or hardware.

  56. Here’s a weird idea: An actual tape recorder from Elektron like a modern portastudio. One with a built in effects and tape manipulation features (and maybe a tube compressor). Also at least 8 inputs.

  57. Interesting topic…

    *A new Memorymoog based on the Voyager would be nice…
    *Bring back the Hartmann Neuron in a new light
    *Those Yamaha 10 Series synth concepts being brought to life
    *Bring down the price on that Schmidt PolySynth (which I know won’t happen)
    *I’d like to see what Clavia came up with on a new synth

  58. Given that I’ve just purchased a Korg MS-20 Mini, a matching SQ-10 and MS-50 would be very nice.

    Also, an updated, redesigned Arturia Origin Keyboard, with a bigger flip up panel, and better display.

    Finally, Korg to announce that a re-release of the ARP 2600 is expected for NAMM 2016 or 2017.

  59. – much more bluetooth midi stuff (less cables)
    – some nice analog polys like we saw with analog monos this past year
    – new and interesting / different sounding desktop synths / apps from smaller companies
    – more music production inovation

    1. I’d love to see what UAD can do with synthesis on their hardware. It would never be a Virus or Nord though… It would have to be something much more classic for them to do it.
      I could see them starting with an old Sennheiser or Moog Vocoder… And then follow up with something like Minimoog, or Pro1.

  60. I want the step-sequencer from the Casio XW line as a stand alone $199 box.

    I want to see a Matrix 6x: Matrix 6 remake with a CPU that can keep up, 4-8 knobs and MIDI CC control of all internal params instead of SYSEX.

    NanoStudio 2

    ELEKTRON MACHINEDRUM UPDATE so it can output CV/gate

    a dedicated full powered sampling app for iOS, with everything a great sampler should have, and can read all formats, and from all posible sources like dropbox etc

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