AudioShare Updated With WiFi Drive, Improved Editing

audioshare-2AudioShare for iOS has been updated to Version 2.7.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New and improved visual design.
  • Auto-zoom when trimming audio.
  • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio.
  • New built-in text editor for taking notes.
  • WiFi Drive: Access the library and upload files from any web browser on your local network.
  • Allow access to Document Providers from within AudioShare on iOS 8, for example iCloud Drive.
  • Include a Document Picker app extension to allow other apps to access the AudioShare library directly on iOS 8.
  • Support iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions.
  • Scroll up to reveal a Search Bar to search the current folder.
  • Support 24 and 32 bits recording and conversion.

Other changes:

  • New waveform display with doubled resolution, that shows RMS as well as peak levels.
  • Waveform display now reads both channels for stereo files.
  • Allow sorting on size as well as name and date.
  • Auto-start a file when opening it if another file was already playing.
  • Tap navigation bar folder title to show navigation menu.
  • Group multiple Inter-App Audio node ports in ‘folders’.
  • Inter-App Audio sync: send play & rec flags to connected nodes when recording.
  • Show play progress on preview buttons.
  • Display helpful instructions when Inter-App Audio zombie node detected.
  • When opening a zip file, ask to unpack instead of opening an empty detail view.
  • Check microphone permissions before starting recording.
  • Use a separate iTunes File Sharing folder for access from computer (iTunes, iFunBox, etc). This folder is not available in the Document Picker extension.
  • Fix crash in case of web download timeout.
  • Fix crash when clearing general pasteboard.
  • Update TheAmazingAudioEngine for upstream bug fixes.
  • Update Audiobus SDK for upstream bug fixes.
  • Several small and big tweaks of the user interface.
  • Update file listing in background, improves user experience and startup time on big folders and/or slow devices.

AudioShare is available for US $4.99 in the App Store.

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