Haken Continuum Demo By Cuckoo

This video, by cuckoo, is a ‘slow pace demo’ of the unique Haken Continuum controller.

“I recently decided to get a Continuum Fingerboard. It’s a highly sensitive synth, with a next generation, super powerful, digital brain,” he notes. “It’s an amazing synth, that separates itself from most others.”

Information on the Continuum is available at the Haken site.

via Christophe Duquesne

19 thoughts on “Haken Continuum Demo By Cuckoo

  1. oh my god, I cannot take this “hand made bullshit” anymore !

    Even machine in larger production runs have got a hand made part, and even small runs and automated parts (e.g. basic electronic components) !

    Which of course does not put in question the build quality. But you know what ? even the TR( (read : big prod) has a very good build quality in my opinion.

    Having said that, it’s a very nice demo !


    1. Yeah, $3,400 for the half-size – $5,300 for a full-size! I’d actually prefer the Madrona Labs Soundplane and Linntrument over thisas a 3D controller, and at a better cost.

      1. very expensive indeed, and Cuckoo will have to made many more reviews to pay it back, or sell his hair & beird for a good cause !

    2. Do you know what professional instruments cost?

      Trumpets: $3K


      Violins: $3-10K


      Guitars: $1K + up


      Every time somebody complain about synth prices, it sounds like they have no idea what good gear costs and is worth.

  2. I agree. An interesting piece of technology that is priced way too high for most producers.
    Is the fingerboard technology patented? How is the “brain” next generation? What is to stop people from making replicas?
    Kickstarter anyone?

  3. It is expensive, but it is also really, really, really good. It is the only controller I have ever found that has the same level of expression as an orchestral instrument, which as a composer broadly speaking from the classical tradition who works with synthesis, is amazing. The Linnstrument looks really good, but it is not attempting to offer a similiar level of expression. Looking at the demos of it, it seems fantastic, but a very different instrument to this, despite the x/y/z crossovers.

  4. The funny thing is I’ve never seen anything other than slow playing and drone type stuff played on one of these. I can’t claim I’ve look at every video ever made, but between the ones I have seen and seeing them used in person they are expressive, unique and painfully dull to watch someone play.

  5. Well if we want to be completely accurate the Haken is a synth as well.
    In Europe though it turns out to cost as much as a decent new piano (a kawai k3 for example)
    So it ends up being how useful/necessary/cool this technology is for one.

    I would like to try-have one, this seems to be one the ‘easiest’ controllers to adjust to, so probably the most useful (people forget that using a new controller means learning to play a new instrument).
    I probably won’t though.

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