Never Be Normal Intros Synth-Q Subtractive Synthesizer

synth-q-synthesizerNever Be Normal has introduced Synth-Q – a new subtractive synthesizer for iPad.

Synth-Q features a unique module ‘queuing’ system, resizable multi-octave keyboard and cable-based modulation controls.

Here’s a video intro that demonstrates making a patch with Synth-Q:


—three oscillators — sine, triangle, saw, square, pulse and resonant noise waves
—three adsrs — amp, filter and modulation envelopes
—filter with lowpass, hipass, bandpass, band-reject and peak filter modes
—frequency modulation oscillator
—ring modulation oscillator
—eight modulation bays with virtual cables enable interactions between modules
—three tempo-syncable LFOs with sine, triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, random curve and random step waves
—two XY matrix pads
—XY keys module turns the keyboard’s movable keys into modulation sources
—two FX slots with chorus, flanger, phaser, reverb, tremolo, distortion, delay and bitcrush
—analog simulation with soft clipping and random pitch wavering
—midi module with pitch bender, modwheel and velocity
—master volume control

—multi-octave resizable keyboard with 4-voice polyphonic, monophonic and legato modes
—optional “sticky keys” mode locks each key to your finger after being pressed
—when used as a modulation source, sound can be altered by moving the keys in different directions
—unique rearrangeable module queueing area defines which controls are present per preset
—fully featured preset menu system with options to share and import via e-mail or iTunes File Sharing
—import presets directly from iOS mail by tapping and holding the attachment and pressing “Open in synth-Q”
—functional graphic design and layout eliminates screen switching by keeping the control modules and keyboard in constant view

—Audiobus support with Inter-App Audio
—A=432Hz, A=440Hz and A=444Hz tuning modes
—44100k Hz, 32000 Hz and 22050 Hz sampling rate modes
—MIDI input and output per channel
—basic recording feature to save, play, loop, and share recordings
—import .WAV files from iTunes File Sharing for playback
—parallax motion effects

Synth-Q is available in the App Store for US $4.99.

If you’ve used Synth-Q, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Never Be Normal Intros Synth-Q Subtractive Synthesizer

  1. This is a helpful video – the UI has some good ideas but also has a pretty steep learning curve and I didn’t get very far playing around with it myself a couple of nights ago. First impression, though, is the presets are not so great – there was nothing that really inspired me. They might be on to something pretty interesting here but they need to focus on creating some really stellar presets to show it off first.

  2. I am getting feed up with these types of apps. Would love to see more apps with a mixture of synths and sequencers like Korg Gadget. I hope Reason one day does something for the IPad. The ipad is becoming ever more powerful, and with the newIpad pro on its way we should be seeing more powerful studio type programs for making high quality Profesional tracks on the go.

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