Dave Smith Instruments Announces Eurorack DSM02 Character Module


This morning, Dave Smith Instruments introduced the DSM02 Character Module in Eurorack format.

“We took the digital effects from the Prophet 12 and Pro 2 and put it into a 14 HP Eurorack module,” says Smith. “It’s got 5 effects in all and runs at 24 [bit], 96 [kHz resolution]. It’s great for subtle tone bending and shaping, all the way to aggressive sound mangling.”

Here’s Dave Smith’s video intro to the module:

The DSM 02 is DSI’s second offering for modular synthesizers. The Eurorack module provides an eclectic assortment of five digital effects:

  • Girth and Air provide “sophisticated” low- and high-frequency harmonic enhancement, respectively, for defining and refining a sound.
  • Decimate performs sample rate reduction for adding lo-fi grunge.
  • Hack is a bit-crusher capable of trashing an otherwise clean signal “nearly beyond recognition.”
  • Drive adds overdrive and saturation, with warmth at one end of the knob and intense harmonic overload at the other.

“The Character section of the Pro 2 and Prophet 12 is a fundamental part of what gives those instruments their unique sound,” says Smith. “As our users know, those effects can take you from nice to nasty with the turn of a knob. We wanted to make it easy and affordable for modular users to inject some of that character into their rigs.”

The DSM02 module is a 14HP wide, standard Eurorack format device with interconnections made using 3.5 mm phone jacks. A “carefully designed” set of inputs allow individual voltage control of effect levels.

The module provides two independent audio inputs and two independent audio outputs with shared control, allowing for either mono or stereo operation. The digital signal path provides full 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution “or superior audio fidelity.”

DSM02 Character Module Audio Demos


Pricing and Availability

The Dave Smith Instruments DSM02 Character Module is available now at a MAP of US$259.

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  1. Interesting module – it seems like a lot of people were asking for this and a hybrid oscillator when he introduced his first module. Could an oscillator be next?

  2. This would sell truck loads if it were a guitar pedal or a tabletop device. The prospect of having to include a eurorack power supply and case of some sort significantly adds to the cost.

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