Launch Buttons For Android & iOS App Like A Virtual Launchpad

launch-buttonsDeveloper Alexander Nowak has introduced Launch Buttons for Android & iOS, a MIDI control app for Ableton Live that’s like a virtual Launchpad.

Launch Buttons works with Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and lets you use your mobile device as a Live controller.

Here’s a video demo:

The developer notes that it can work with any DAW, but Ableton + Launchpad 95 script recommended.

Launch Buttons is available for both iOS and Android for US $1.99.

6 thoughts on “Launch Buttons For Android & iOS App Like A Virtual Launchpad

  1. great, runs on Android, but doesn’t support any of my devices which includes Nexus 5 and 7 (2013) and a bunch of other tablets. 🙁

    1. Par for the course. The downside to Android is that there’s not enough people buying good hardware for developers of music apps to care about the platform.

    2. Hey Nevermude!
      What do you mean by saying it doesn’t support it? I am pretty sure it runs independently from the hardware you are using (the app doesn’t require to access any device-specific extras)

  2. Unfortunately, developing music apps for the Android is a huge challenge.

    Anti-piracy is available for games only:

    Latency is all over the map on various devices. Google has only recently improved the situation, and since Android users update the OS so infrequently, this will probably take a few years to settle in.

    Musicians long ago settled on iPad, so that’s where the market is.

    I expect this will eventually change, but it’s taking a lot longer to mature than I used to think it would.

  3. There are a few interesting android apps that I discovered.
    For MIDI control and programming ->
    MidSequer (piano roll pattern editor)
    Leon a Theremin emulator
    Magix Music Maker Jam – fun and stable player\tracker
    OscLab is a simple but powerful sequencer/tracker
    PlasmaSound a unique touchpad synth

    I use them all on a Nexus 7 running android 5.01. But I don’t use them in concert with or integrated with my DAW yet. =/

  4. i get a problem when i connect my galaxy s4
    i followed the instructions when i connct it with rtpmidi the latency is only 100 at max and i have to reach 1000 as the instructions says please help me 🙁

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