12 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer On The Interstellar Soundtrack

    1. Hans Zimmer talked about that in another interview: yes, there’s a lot of latency, and one of the skills of a great organ player like Roger Sayer is not being thrown off by it.

  1. It’s very comforting to know that even the biggest Hollywood sellouts can only relate to projects of this size by keep looking to human scale and human relationships. I’ve never really liked Zimmer’s music, but I think his attitude and vision are brilliant.
    It’s amazing that it’s still possible in this world of short attention spans and big money to produce art on a huge scale that still has something very sincere to it. Interstellar is a piece of great art.

    1. How can you compare a wonderful, enigmatic an truly heartfelt piece as the soundtrack to Waltz with Bashir with this Hollywood-trite? If anything Zimmer ripped it off, he hasn’t done anything worthwhile since The Thin Red Line. This soundtrack actually fits the images:


  2. Maybe kind of, but some of Waltz With Bashir also sounds like Phillip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi. Organ music can be like that sometimes.

  3. Me too – when I was watching Interstellar I was convinced that it had Max Richter’s music in it – turns out it was Zimmer’s. Rip-off? Dunno.

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