Figooroo Sneak Preview

This video is a sneak preview of the upcoming Figooroo app for iOS. 

Figooroo is designed as an unofficial companion app for Propellerhead Figure. It lets you open multiple Figure songs and lets you copy and paste elements from one to another or arrange them into longer songs.

Details on Figooroo are to come.

9 thoughts on “Figooroo Sneak Preview

  1. Looks like this extracts the underlying MIDI data? If it does and you can export the MIDI data for use elsewhere, that would be spectacular!

    1. Not a Propellerhead app. Although one of their dudes mentioned on FB that he wishes the developer had worked with them on the integration.

        1. Yep, apparently DOA. Kelle Paulson was who I was referring to earlier, and he states: “You’re getting this error message because the app is trying to use private api’s in Figure that has been deprecated in the latest version.”

          Should have worked with Props on this one

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