Here’s What’s New In Mixcraft 7

Acoustica recently introduced Mixcraft 7 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 – the latest versions of its DAW software.

Mixcraft 7 adds full 64-bit compatibility, a new live Performance Panel, new automation features, new instruments, audio warping and more. 

Here’s what’s new in Mixcraft 7:

  • Thousands of new loops, for a total of 7000 loops, sound effects and samples
  • Full 64- and 32-bit compatibility
  • Performance Panel for live performance mode
  • Automation Recording with multiple lanes and other automation enhancements.
  • Integrated Alpha and Omni Samplers.
  • Control Surface Support (Launchpad & Mackie protocols)
  • Audio warping, auto-warping and audio quantization
  • Step editor for rapid pattern based rhythmic and musical phrase construction
  • Tons of new virtual instruments and effects
  • Workflow enhancements

Details on Mixcraft 7 are available at the Acoustica site.


8 thoughts on “Here’s What’s New In Mixcraft 7

  1. One of the best bang for your buck DAWs out there. This Harrison and Reaper are really great values in DAW software. I wish one of them would break out and help bring Pro Tools down to earth. But until they get some pro features like machine control, OMF and AAF import that does not crash, video integration with more than one qt in your session. AVID is not going anywhere. Bummer.

    1. It seems like AVID has come down in price for Pro Tools recently, but they still want $100 to $200 more than competitors. However, since Pro Tools is the DAW equivalent of MS Office, AVID knows that their legacy and backward compatibility will keep the big studio users coming back for updates.

      As for those of us with project studios, these are salad days for DAWs. There are so many great ones on the market now, it makes it tough to choose. The new Mixcraft 7 is a welcome addition to the mix.

  2. Mixcraft does not support any midi syncronisation. No clock out. no clock in. Nada….
    This is therefore a useless peace of software. Even if you beat match your first recording of say a drum loop. Trying to sync anything in the real world from this is impossible.
    Downloaded it. Couldnt sync any of my gear. Vented my concerns. Got a sarcastic comment. Requested refund………………………..tumbleweed.
    Unless your willing to do everything in cyberland your funked……….if you want to get involved in modular or anything that has its own brain forget it………This not a DAW unless it stands for Diabolical Arse Waste…….

  3. Then I guess it’s time to get out of the MIDI world and into audio. It’s an audio workstation, not a MIDI workstation. If you want MIDI controllers, you’re better off with something else. All of Acoustica’s time and effort went into making a fantastic AUDIO workstation.

    Also, I own Mixcract 7, having gotten all of the previous versions free as a beta tester, and it does MIDI beat match. All of its samples beat match and sync. In fact, it asks you if you want to match the beat of the composition when you import sounds or samples.

    Even if you have to match a beat in real time, it’s pretty simple and takes not more than 10 minutes and some looping of sections. If you are beat matching to a live recording, likely your drummer/musicians are not going to be absolutely in a set tempo anyway, and you are going to have to nudge some things, which is also easy.

    Also, Mixcraft will not match an external machine. It’s not designed to. You have to import to it. It’s not an external MIDI controller.

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