Kraftwerk In Their Psychedelic Jam Band Days

 Sunday Synth Jam: This vintage video, from 1971, captures Kraftwerk in their so-called ‘Krautrock’ experimental rock days. 

Here’s another video, from about the same time, capturing an live television performance:

At that point, Kraftwerk’s sound and style were completely different than what they are know known for. Hints of this improvisational rock sound are still present on the transitional Autobahn album, but gone by later releases.

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7 thoughts on “Kraftwerk In Their Psychedelic Jam Band Days

  1. History in the making. This line-up had Michael Rother on guitar and Klaus Dinger on drums. They would form Neu! together. Amazing stuff.

  2. So, I believe I read somewhere that there was a time in the early seventies that Ralf Hutter(who is the only original member that still is a member of Kraftwerk) had left the band to pursue some sort of schooling, but shortly rejoined. I guess this video is from that time period when he was gone.

  3. This is when Kraftwerk actually played music live. For quite a few years, they’ve been ripping people off when they play “live.”

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