‘Huge’ Moog News Coming Monday

humbucker-music-club-huge-moog-newsIt looks like Moog Music will be making a major introduction on Monday, ahead to the 2015 NAMM Show.

Humbucker Music’s Moog Club sent this teaser, promising ‘huge news’, and ‘some of the biggest news in Moog history’ on January 19th.

2014 was a big year for new Moog synth introductions. Moog released the physically huge Emerson Moog Modular, but also the knobtacular Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer, the tiny Moog Werkstatt synth modulae and the Theremini theremin synthesizer. 

Moog has not officially announced what they are introducing at this year’s NAMM Show, yet, so let us know what you think their ‘huge news’ may be in the comments!

Update: The new is actually pretty huge – they’ve introduced the Moog Modular Synthesizer.

via Maeghan Skala

53 thoughts on “‘Huge’ Moog News Coming Monday

  1. Nice, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the best for hardware synths. DSI , moog, korg, behringer , nord , yamaha, elka all have made announcements/teasers. All though im excited for the moog announcement , i feel like they wont release a poly….
    but i hope im wrong

  2. We need some ios attention this year too MOOG! Animoog is great and almost unsurpassed but you nered to give us at least one more app please????

  3. The wording makes me think it’s a poly, even if that doesn’t play to their strengths. You don’t say “huge news” and “some of the biggest news in Moog history” if you’re, say, upgrading the Minitaur to a Maxitaur.

    I suppose entering the Eurorack market could be seen as “huge news”, but what would the modules be? An osc? A ladder filter? Equivalents of some of the pedals?

    I’ll stick with a poly. That would be huge news.

    1. it could also be a new distribution or production partnership that will give them a stronger base to develop and sell products in the future. A partnership with the production capacities of a company like Korg for instance would be a large advance from Moog’s somewhat fragile boutique situation.

  4. 14-channel analog drum machine with brain-wave to CV conversion; everything about it will be absolutely brilliant, except the price, which will be around 8000$.

  5. Maybe it’s yet another edition of the Voyager (yawn). A non-tribute edition Sub 37 (balloon pop)? Some modular stuff (noooo!!!).

    This better be something good! Of course, if it’s a poly synth, it will be too expensive for most hobbyists.

    I’m more interested in new stuff from manufacturers that make synths that mere mortals can afford.

    1. The Minitaur and the Werkstatt are affordable. The Phatty isn’t TOO terribly expensive. Synths have always been rather expensive, but so are pianos, drum kits, guitars, etc.

  6. I’ll tell you what it shouldn’t be.
    another mono repackage… It should be something that doesn’t sound like all there other products. Something actually new.

  7. It is my understanding from a source who claims to be in the know that Moog are getting back into the modular game full-on in 2015. Perhaps this is that announcemen?

  8. I seemed to recall reading somewhere that Moog were looking to re-issue a Minimoog Model D at a lower cost than the Voyager. But such a step does not make much commercial sense – it would only rob sales from both Voyager and Sub 37. Much better to lower the cost of the Voyager to make it more affordable. I like the thought of Moog getting back into Modulars – be it either their original format or Eurorack – so that option would be good. The third possibility – an analog polysynth would also be great, but it would have to be affordable, and it would be competing with whatever Dave Smith Instruments comes out with, as well as his Pro 12.

  9. seeing as they discountinued the little phatty when introducing the sub 37….and with the discontinuation of the slim phatty(chainable poly feature) maybe we will have something along the lines of that….to bring out a new poly just after the sub would be counter productive……also expect eurorack format modules

    1. the sub37 production run need not be continued if it is surpassed by a new design. For users looking for that specific design, stock will always remain in some sellers and in the used market. The comments from the company about the development of the sub37 were definitely showing that customers wanted more poly, thus the experiment with paraphony, so maybe more moves in that direction make a lot of sense.

  10. With Korg bringing back classic synthesizers like the MS-20 and Arp Odessey… what else could it be? The MiniMoog of course!

  11. We’ll find out soon enough, but my guess is a lineup of modules with a case/keyboard controller.

    I don’t see it being iPad-based (or software-based) because I just don’t think the profit margins are there for a company like Moog. I don’t think a Minimoog re-issue is likely: it would overlap and hurt sales of their current product line. I don’t think it will be a poly instrument because I think we’d have noticed hints of development in that direction.

    But modules? They’ve been selling a module or two for the past few years. The recent Emerson modular renovation was probably (among other things) an R&D safari. I’ll bet they took extensive notes and brainstormed on each and every component they saw: how could we do this today, and make it better / more stable / more flexible? (and possibly even Cheaper, but this is Moog, don’t hold your breath). And look at the Moogerfooger line: Moog has been putting a lot of effort into encapsulating function into little boxes. I suspect there is a lot of Moogerfooger tech / design / manufacturing knowledge that would adapt easily to modular components.

    The announcement will be here soon enough – I could be right, I could be wrong, but I’m happy to see them pressing ahead.

    (Cynic that I am – watch it be modules AND a new module format that offers limited backward compatibility with existing Eurorack. I really hope not)

  12. 5-Voice, 5 octave, fully paraphonic version on the Sub 37 Tribute, with the touch panel of the Voyager, only 3.499,00 US

  13. Some kind of modular/key synth hybrid where you purchase as keyboard with inter grated rack where you select your modules at purchase and can expand into seperately rack space over time. Also make it possible to achieve some kind of 8voice. Poly with just a few purpose built modules.

  14. You are all forgetting that Moog was once a pioneer in the keytar field… the big news could be a reissue of the Moog Liberation!

    … or maybe they bought Radio Shack…

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