Waldorf Intros nw1 Wavetable Module For Eurorack Synthesizers


2015 NAMM Show: Waldorf has introduced the nw1 Wavetable Module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

nw1 is Waldorf’s debut module for the Eurorack format. The nw1 includes an advanced wavetable engine, with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness – like its Nave software synthesizer.

The nw1 Wavetable Module For Eurorack

waldorf-eurorack-wavetable-moduleWavetable scanning is cyclic with optional modulation of travel speed, position, spectrum, and more besides. By providing the Waldorf wavetable set from the classic Microwave and Wave synthesizers, nw1 ‘will enrich your Eurorack modular system as a potently powerful sound source’.

The nw1 sound engine also allows for onboard creation of user wavetables via time domain multiple foldover analysis. All you need to do is connect any sound source to the nw1 to transfer audio into a wavetable. Or use the integrated speech synthesizer to translate typed text into wavetables.

Wavetable synthesis is an extremely powerful sound source suited to producing all kinds of vivid metallic hues and digital clangorous tones. It can create organic, bell-like timbres, as well as spectacular-sounding scans through various waveforms with truly ear-opening results. It was almost impossible to create these kinds of sharp-edged, digital sounds back before the invention of wavetable synthesis in the late-Seventies.


  • nw 1 front21st century advanced wavetable engine
  • Cyclic wavetable scanning with modulatable position and travel speed
  • Control of spectral envelope independent of pitch
  • Adjustable periodicity up to noisy reproduction
  • Classic Waldorf wavetables included
  • Integrated speech synthesizer for wavetables
  • User-recordable wavetables


  • Gate input for triggering wavetable travel and recording
  • Main 1V/Oct CV input with trim for pitch control
  • 3 additional CV inputs for modulation and realtime wavetable recording
  • Audio output
  • USB port with galvanic isolation for wavetable transfer and text input
  • Eurorack power connector

Power requirements

  • +/- 12V, 150mA


  • Powder coated metal surface with:
  • 10 rotary knobs
  • 1 wavetable select/encoder
  • 1 2 x 7 segment display
  • 6 x 3 position switches


  • Width: 32HP (162.6 mm)

For more info, see the Waldorf site.

34 thoughts on “Waldorf Intros nw1 Wavetable Module For Eurorack Synthesizers

    1. All you’d have to do is get a mini euro enclosure, get a filter of your choice, and get a midi to cv converted if you need one. And there you have your desktop hardware synth with analogue filter. It’s probably monophonic though. Alternatively get a Mutable Instruments Shruthi for 150 Euros and a soldering iron!

      1. Or go to eBay or Craigslist and get a Waldorf Microwave if you’re that dead set on an analog filter, or get a Microwave XT and Waldorf 4-Pole or a Pulse+ that has the 4-Pole filter built in and an input for feeding the XT through the filter. Any of this will probably set you back as much as setting up this module as a stand-alone synthesizer.

        1. Mini cases suck

          Just bite the bullet and get a real 6u or larger case.

          Once you start in Euro, there are lots of new things that you will always want to add.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s for uploading your own wavetables, and probably updating the OS of this… but what you want would most likely be possible by a simple OS upgrade if not allready there.

    2. if by “keyboard” you mean type keyboard, it would appear to be the case:

      “Or use the integrated speech synthesizer to translate typed text into wavetables.”

  1. So many Eurorack wonders this year. This is particularly tempting, time to add another euro-case maybe. Too bad Moog missed the train.

    1. one can only hope. although i think Nave is really where they want to go with this stuff… but i’d just about kill for a Microwave 3 XT…..

      1. Nave on a tablet or PC/mac is not the same as hardware

        knobs, feeling and nearly no dependency on an operating system

        anyway … id like to have it

    1. At least waldorf is committed to their products. Blofeld came out in like 2007 and they’re still doing OS updates, the latest of which has removed almost all/any remaining bugs for me..and somehow has enhanced the sound. It’s now my favorite synth in 2015. Waldorf make unique instruments not to everyone’s tastes and that works for me. I just picked up my streichfett yesterday and it’s freakin awesome. ???? I almost have fulfilled my boyhood dream of being Nick Rhodes on the first Duran album.

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