Line 6 Intros Firehawk FX Multi-Effects Processor


Line 6 has introduced Firehawk FX, a new multi-effects guitar processor that they say ‘combines world-class tone’ with intuitive wireless editing.

The Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android gives you the ability to sculpt your tone, using 200 amps and effects. The app lets you create, save and recall an unlimited number of presets.

Featuring 1/4” and Variax Digital (VDI) inputs, two outputs, FX loop, USB connectivity and ultra-low latency, Firehawk FX is designed to be an ideal guitar recording interface for PC, Mac and iOS.

On stage, Firehawk FX provides easy access to essential functions. Five footswitches with colored LED rings make it easy to change tones and switch effects on the fly. And the company says that they Firehawk FX’s ‘battle-ready construction’ is ready for the punishment of touring.

Firehawk FX will be available in the first quarter of 2015, with a $629.99 MSRP. See the Line 6 site for more info.

3 thoughts on “Line 6 Intros Firehawk FX Multi-Effects Processor

  1. i hate complaining, but I really have seen a difference in business approach since Yamaha bought Line 6. Charging for sound updates and most consumer level products.. I guess the positive was that it’s pushed me to seek a more analog based sound.

  2. Do synth and drum machine people like these big rig floor format guitar processors?

    Some effect stomp boxes make the cut for synth players. But this is totally geared for guitar – the floor format, the wah pedal, the stomp switches, the extensive DSP amp modeling, the Variax input, the focus on high-gain guitar amp models.

    It would eat a desk, it collects dust under a table. You fingers would get sore mashing down those foot switches. It’s for live gigging axe-slingers.

    If you want synth effects, buy a desktop effects unit. This is a tool for a very different job.

  3. I use rack gear , the Line six echo pro is the business for me, I really rate it. I have a strymon big sky and that is for synths and will never see a guitar . Pedals and stompboxes are great for synths.
    This does look basically big and shit , but I am sure it sounds stunning.

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