Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface First Look

At the 2015 NAMM ShowArturia introduced AudioFuse – a new audio interface designed to combine the sound quality of high-end mixing consoles, extremely flexible connectivity options and compact design. 

Here’s a brief overview of the new AudioFuse interface from the NAMM Show floor.

Arturia’s AudioFuse audio interface will be available later this Spring in a choice of silver, grey, and black color finishes, both from Arturia online and the company’s dealers. The suggested retail price is €549.00 EUR/$599.00 USD. See the Arturia site for more information.

39 thoughts on “Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface First Look

      1. I agreed. when I saw the box and all these knobs…I immediately knew that this will not work. Arturia tried to fix something that was not really a problem, by terribly overdesigning a digital I/O box.

    1. Or you could perform Octopus’s Garden in flippers and goggles with girl backup singers dressed as tentacle monsters and be a hit.

  1. If you don’t use the S/PDIF and ADAT connections and have no need for an extra headphone connector (and talkback) you can save about 350 euros by getting the AKAI EIE Pro instead…..

    1. Well, yes. If you don’t need something, don’t buy it. That’s sound advice. (Did you CC: what I did there?) I’m just wondering for six bills they couldn’t fit a couple of regular MIDI sockets in the sides? You have to carry a breakout cable that is going to be lost somewhere on a gig or in the studio. I’m getting the distinct impression that everyone thinks 5-pin DIN is going away and never coming back.
      Did this young lady presenter remind anyone else of Bailey from WKRP In Cincinnati?

      1. I agree with the top post.. They really need to get on with fixes for their legacy products. If they don’t get to supporting the promise of earlier deliveries they may fail. Which would suck, considering their potential.

        Also, I have NFI who Bailey is, let alone this chick.

        1. So there is the line in which the young and the old are defined. If you know who Bailey from WKRP is then you are officially old as dirt and if you don’t know then you missed out on the first MILF! Bring back the Johnny FEVER!

      2. In fairness, the MIDI dins are pretty large. And a 3.5 mm stereo plug to 5-pin din is a very easy thing to solder up. MIDI cables only use the center three pins.

        Yes, it is yet another thing to shlep, but this is a case where it wasn’t all-or-none. It’s a reasonable compromise.

        I thought it was a little funny that she didn’t quite have her “patter” down. A few things she SHOULD have said that would make that product more appealing:
        Some details, specs and hype about the A/D and D/A converters & clock.
        Some details and special qualities about the mic pre-amps- and how they compare to other high-end gear.
        Some reassurances about the drivers and software interoperability.

        “We want to acknowledge that in the past we’ve had some driver issues, and we want to assure you that Arturia has re-committed itself to addressing these issues and building the best drivers in the industry from this day forward.”

        1. Give the kid a break, she is smart and articulate & did 3 minutes with no que cards in (mostly) one take – having to do this live with a camera shoved in your face takes a lot of practice & it’s just not the same doing it back at the factory vs on the show floor. This was obviously done early in the week (lack of massive throngs of people behind her), I’m sure she got better. The fact that she rememberd most of the important points should be applauded, I’ve seen much worse!

          As far as the interface, agreed – at $400 it would be a “must have”, at $600 it is a “really have to think about it”

          1. Totally. Yea. I didn’t mean to sound like a diss. I get it. She did fine.

            It just made me smile because she wasn’t giving the super-charged hype (thankfully) so it sounded more down-to-earth, and kind of funny.

  2. $599USD – would have loved to have been looking at a two+ voice Brute for that money.. Which is what the foruns have been craving.

  3. I’ve been liking everything Arturia has been doing fit a couple of years. The microbrute and minibrute are brilliant.

    This looks beautiful too, but not for me. The EIEIO does what I need and is built like a tank.

    This’ll be a gorgeous piece of gear for some people, but I can’t see a blowout hit with this for Arturia just because of the price.

    You have to admit they made a sexy interface, though!

      1. EIEIO, Its one of the audio interfaces they released following the sale of Akai to Old Macdonald, I mean Jack’Odonnell.

        With an oink oink here….

  4. who is the designer ??
    it looks like a low budget audio interface from the 90’s…
    is it because behringer plan to make analog synth so arturia decide to make awful audio interface ?
    it’s a shame, other arturia products are very interesting.
    i really don’t understand what they are doing with this product..

  5. Agree with few guys here. Arturia has made SO many half-finished products which seem never gonna be 100% functional. If you doubt that, just check their forum. This is a major reason why I would really think twise before buying anything from this company. They are just too busy to throw new stuff out on the market. And sadly they are most often far from perfect.

    Ok, I am just speaking about past history here. But this history is there when you think about their new products. There’s a negative feeling in their brand at least to many old customers. I really hope they will make it different this time.

  6. For me the most important thing in an audio interface (above sound quality, which is mostly moot these days as even consumer grade interfaces are pretty good now) is reliability and driver performance. I would much rather dump this kind of money into something like an RME Babyface that I KNOW has incredible sound quality, reliable drivers and is supported almost indefinitely by the company that produces it. I’ve been burned in the past by interfaces that stop getting updates for new OS’s only a few years after their release, and I’m not trying to go down that road again. $600 just seems like a big gamble on an unproven device that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. My 2 cents.

  7. I don’t get the obsession with old-school midi connectors. They take up huge amounts of real estate in a device and and a headphone jack can do the job just as well. The only downside is getting cables with the proper connectors.

    The reasoning behind moving away from din connectors is form factor – electronics are compact now, why should legacy cables make our gear massive?

    1. I remember when people used to complain about the lack of DIN MIDI on things like the Novation LaunchPad – which would double the thickness of the thing!

  8. If it sounds amazing and gets sub 3ms latency it could be a hit….its up against the rock solid RME babyface (and others) so it will need to be good…any ANY hint of driver trouble and its a dead duck…people will be waiting to rip this down, that’s what happens when you hype something. I wish them well, I hope it works as well as they say it does.

    1. Driver? who needs a drver? Just for windows folks that nonsense. This thing is class compliant, doesnt even need a diver on the apple side. And really, ive always thought its microshit who should be getting their shit together with audio drivers. It should be this is a usb soundcard, plug it in get sound. Thats why i wont leave the mac island, cant be bothered trying to hack together my software.

        1. Ok, sorry there, im not up on windows, i was under the impression that windows needed an asio driver. for any soundcard. But if thats the case, then why all the clamour over drivers? Its class compliant. end of the story.

  9. What’s the real BIG benefit of these new interface? I have so many small portable interfaces in my studio that I don’t feel the real innovation in these one.

  10. Really, really wanted to be impressed.

    I’m not.

    I think the K-mix is a much better interface supplied with the midi expander for $50 extra. Certainly, more “ground-breaking” and innovative.

    Also, Arturia… this looks like *#%¥.

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