Dave Smith Intros The Sequential Prophet 6

Here’s Dave Smith himself giving an intro to his latest synth, the new Sequential Prophet 6 analog synthesizer.

The Prophet 6 essentially designed to take the classic Prophet V synthesizer design to the next level. 

This video, via Sound On Sound, features an intro to the machine, but also some direct audio from the Prophet 6, as Smith demos a variety of patches.

The Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet 6 is expected to ship in May, priced at about $2,800. See the DSI site for more info.

21 thoughts on “Dave Smith Intros The Sequential Prophet 6

  1. The guy in back around 4 minutes filming Dave on his phone then starts texting. U know he’s sending that to all his friends like “YOOO it’s RL Dave Smith!!”

  2. Great guy. Great synthesisers. I have a Prophet 08. But, this still looks like an attractive addition. Hmmm. Probably best to dream elsewhere and choose something like an ARP, Or an Oberheim, as a counter balancing machine!

  3. I was wondering what the plan was for the Sequential name besides this. I for one would be happy to see a Pro 2 with a Sequential badge.

  4. The belle of the ball. Zero disappointments here. Just an all around brilliant synth, and a true “player’s” synth at that. Looks beautiful, sounds even better. The build quality looks very solid as well. This thing is deluxe and is priced fairly for what you get. Man, that sync sounded wicked.

    1. different animals. i have a p12 and love it. i will be getting the p6 as well. I don’t think they are comparable. Modulation vs. immediacy. Actually, i think the p6 will compete for usage time with my p600.

    1. Not possible. It’s monotimbral, which mean it only does one tone at the time.
      If you want to do keyboardsplits, you need to look at the Prophet 08 and the Prophet 12. Both of them are bitembral, which means, it can layer two programs or split the keyboard with two programs.
      But doing so, you also cut the polyphony in two. But both of them are different machines, and nothing like this Prophet 6 seems to be.

      I’ve been crying my heart out about this Prophet 6 being monotimbral 😀 …but I came to the conclusion, that this is a true analog poly synth – that comes with built in studio effects for live usage! A few years ago, before the Prophet 08, we could hardly imagine, that we would ever get to see the birth of a new analog poly synth with a pricetag on the right side of 3.000,- $.
      Now here we are. Dave Smith has given us several analog poly synths plus a coulple of awesome hybrid synths, and they’re all reasonably priced below 3.000,- $
      The Mopho X4, a true analog poly synth, cost around 1.000,- $ :-O
      (Yes it’s DCO, but can we agree that it’s just as much true analog as several other classic analog polys like the Juno 60, Juno 106, JX-3P, JX-8P and so on and so on…)

      Long story short, we now have a bunch of true analog poly synths to choose from, and that’s where my Money is going now. I don’t have the need to stack up to 16 sounds anymore. I used to, but not anymore. Backingtracks will help me fill in the parts that I can’t do with one sound only, or I can bring an extra synth along with a Prophet 6 – like a say a Mopho, if needed for that bas and lead split.

      But if one prefer to do huge splits (I used to do that a lot, and split like 5 or 6 sounds on an 88 keybed), one shouldn’t turn completely away from digital synths, because they actually do offer something, that these analog beasts don’t.
      Like the awesome Nord Lead A1, that features 26 tones polyphony and is 4 part multitimbral…and I would say it’s the best VA out there right now, if your goal is to emulate calssic analog synth sounds.

  5. The Prophet 6 is a »Player’s Synth«. So how is the actual keybed? I know that the old Poly Evolver had a semi-weighted italian Fatar keybed. The MiniMoog Voyager also has a Fatar keybed. The newer Dave Smith synths have a chinese-made (Midi-Tech?) keybed. I never played one. Who knows more? How is the Prophet 6 (12, Pro2) keybed in comparison to the Fatar?

      1. I agree. It looks like a Midi-Tech keybed. I have never played one. Is there a »player« out there to give me a description how this keybed plays? Is it at the level of a premium synth? I have no idea and cannot test it over here 🙂

          1. Great to hear that the final Prophet 6 has a high quality Fatar Keybed! I know it and it plays fast AND nuanced. The shape of the keys is also better than most cheapo-plastic midi keyboard keybeds. The keys are slightly curved on top which helps to feel where you touch them. It’s also very silent and the key action is very good (no muddy foamy feel here…) 🙂 I love, love, love it!

  6. i am so excited about this synth, and so is the rest of the world of course.

    i wonder though, if the main jack outs are pure analog straight from the synth circuit. or if i opened up the synth i would find they are really just outputs connected internally to D-A convertors on the main board. i have a feeling this “analog signal path” is turned into a digital signal internally through A-D convertors, so it can then get into the digital effects section. maybe the digital effects section is able to be “switched out of the signal path” as Dave states in a few videos but it would be great for this to be cleared up and find out if the switching is Digital, which i suspect it would be as this is easiest to do. Does he really have an analog relay or something in the circuit connected to the “bypass” button on the top panel? i suspect digital switching, and thus a trip through the digital world for those wonderful analog VCOs. which would be a massive shame.

    can anyone confirm the synth outs are not D-A convertors?

    1. Dave Smith says you can bypass the digital effects and keep it 100% analog if you wish to do so. I can’t believe he would lie about something like that, as it would comprimise the credibility of his name, DSI and Sequential.

  7. I played the Prophet 6 all factory presets and posted the two videos on my YouTube “Matthias plays” channel. Enjoy this great machine – I was really surprised by the warmth and big sound this great synth really has. The potential is in my opinion enormous. Enjoy, and please reshare when you like it as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you very much for your support. This is the link to the Prophet 6 videos from me, best Matthias

    Prophet 6 all factory presets – Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOng5YTTd3E
    and this is part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2LGiv6XLLE

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