MidiBlob For The Waldorf Rocket

midiblobDeveloper Maurizio De Cecco has released MidiBlob for the Waldorf Rocket – a performance-oriented multi touch controller for the iPad for the Waldorf Rocket synthesizer.

Using a set of intuitive interactions, you can modify and control your synth sounds. Graphical feedback is designed to keep you in touch with what you are doing and where you are in your sound space.

MidiBlob works with any Core MIDI compatible interface or with a network based Core MIDI connection.

Here’s a video demo:


In the demo, the drums behind are done with Studio Drummer (Komplete 8), and a delay and a reverb have been added to the Rocket.

MidiBlob for the Waldorf Rocket is available in the App Store for US $2.99.

5 thoughts on “MidiBlob For The Waldorf Rocket

  1. So do I *have* to use it with a Waldorf Rocket? Or does it come out of the box optimized for WR – but I can tweak things so it will work with a different synthesizer?

  2. Hallo,

    MidiBlob for the Rocket *require* a Rocket; there is a version for the Blofeld also.
    The point is that each manipulation done with MidiBlob is incremental, no big jump in the sound, so that it can be safely used while performing; this require using synth specific sysex to get the synth status.
    I am busy on a Mopho version, but i would be glad to make a version for the Pulse 2, the only barrier is that i need a to buy a pulse 2 :->.
    Finally, yes, it seems a bit weird when you look at it, but it is fun, and, without being *the great revolution*, it is actually musically useful, depending on the context :->


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