Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer Demo

2015 NAMM Show: In this video, synthesist Max Ravitz demos the new Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer, one of the new Moog Modular synthesizer reissues.

These systems are painstakingly recreated using new old stock parts, PCB designs and manufacturing processes, wherever possible.

The Model 15 joins the System 35 and System 55 in a 2015 remake of Moog’s 1972 Modular system lineup.

The Moog in the video is recorded with a direct out so you can hear the full range. Headphones or high quality studio monitors recommended – especially for the final tones after 5:15…which are just insane.

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14 thoughts on “Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer Demo

  1. That sounded incredible, and was actually a really good explanation of why go moog modular. It’s just out of most people’s price range unfortunately.

  2. I can play chords for a lot less than $10,000.

    Of course, that’s not the point of this thing. These old systems were recreated to anger those who were hoping for a new poly synth from Moog.

    1. And how much would a new Moog poly cost?…I dread to think.
      The last Moog I ever bought was a Memorymoog MKI, and for a good price by 1982 standards…$2,600. A beautiful sounding machine, when it stayed in tune! Hence the voice disable function via the keypad. Furthermore they did a Roland Juno-6/60 number on us by coming out with the MKII (with MIDI & arpeggiator) only a few months later…leaving me feeling rather p***ed off.

  3. Great demo, but these things have got me interested in gear. Their modular synths are modern takes on the Moog stuff, but with improved features and about 1/4th of the price.

    Unless you think that old resistors and vintage pots sound better, modules from, Moon Modular and Suit & Tie Guy seem like a much smarter choice.

  4. What is it with men taking up female names as producers in the last few years? Does it say anything about the current state of electronic music? What with all the recent Björk controversies (females assumed by default to not be capable of producing their own music), it’s an interesting topic, well to me at least. Anyway, this is not the forum for that discussion, so I will now JOG ON………

  5. Another vote for Mos-Lab. A faithful recreation of the Moog modulars for quite a bit less. I am getting a Mos-Lab system 1P which is the equivalent to the Moog model 15. All shipping cost included to the U.S. it comes out to about $4,000. I could buy two Mos-lab system 1Ps for less than the price of the $10,000 Moog model 15 reissue.

    Now, I would love to hear a sound comparison between the two. If the Moog reissue sounds $6,000 better than the Mos-lab I would be quite surprised.

  6. haha you mean to tell me that after spending $10,000 you still need a humble eurorack system and an Elektron machine???
    just hilarious

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