Vast Dynamics Intros ‘Brutal’ Vaporizer Synth For Mac & Windows

vast-vaporizerVast Dynamics has introduced Vaporizer – a new software synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

Vaporizer is a subtractive software synthesizer that they say offers a ‘fat virtual analog sound with low system CPU resource usage.’

A main focus of the synth is supersaw-like sounds with various unison and detune models. According to the company, ‘Vaporizer does not want to be smooth and gentle. It has sharp edges and can also be brutal.’


  • Virtual analog synthesis model that allows an almost unlimited number of oscillators per voice (e.g. 96 saw-tooth oscillators, …)
  • Full stereo – all generators, effects and chains
  • Three modes – 16 and 4 voice polyphony plus monophonic mode
  • Full effect bank with high quality oversampling effects (distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, comb filter and parametric EQ)
  • ‘Old school UI’ – no hidden tabs or menus
  • Oscilloscope for immediate visual feedback
  • Monophonic and polyphonic portamento in all modes including ARP
  • More than 50 presets with many different styles

Here are official audio demos:

Vaporizer is available now, for Mac & Windows, for 24.9 Euro.

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