Glitchmachines Intros Convex Multi-Effects Processor


Glitchmachines has introduced Convex – a multi-effects processor, for Mac or Windows, designed for the creation of contorted artifacts, syncopated patterns and skewed digital textures.

Based around three classic effects; multimode filter, pitch shifter and delay, Convex generates dynamic variations of the input signal by morphing between two instances of each effect and modulating their key parameters using an extensive array of control modules.


  • Dual Multimode Filters
  • Dual Pitch Shifters
  • Dual Digital Delays
  • Dual Envelope Followers
  • Two Signal Mixers, Multipliers and Inverters
  • 4 LFOs with Retrig, Sync and variable shapes
  • 100 Factory Presets from our top sound designers
  • Cross-platform compatibility (PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit)

its core are 4 LFOs with optional tempo sync and 2 envelope followers which can have their output inverted or combined using mixers and multipliers. Convex features 100 factory presets from Ivo Ivanov, Thomas Hennebert, Nicholas Yochum, Daed and Subjex.

Here’s the official intro video:

Convex is available now for $29.

If you’ve used Convex, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “Glitchmachines Intros Convex Multi-Effects Processor

  1. Why is it the demo videos for anything tend to go on for 5 minutes to start showing what it does, not all do but there is allot.
    If you want to capture my attention need to show off product sounds (good demo) first otherwise i might just go on and ignore it

    1. This software looks amazing and the narrator gives a huge amount of information in a small amount of time, plus it’s only $29! And you’re going to go through the effort to complain because you’re too lazy to skip ahead through the video? Redundant.

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